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  1. Jim, Can you try alternate version. It installs as "Beta 15": https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio-Beta15UniMB12.dmg I compiled it on another Mac. Just a result, logs are not required. Try also run PTE directly from mounted DMG image, without copying to Applications. Will it work? P.S. Please don't worry, we'll find a reason of this problem. The difficulty in a fact that we had to use a special Mac with Apple Silicon CPU for developers. So probably I'll buy real Mac with M1 for testing soon.
  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for testing. Can you try to run Beta 14 with Rosetta emulation? See my post above for details.
  3. Hi, We optimized PTE AV Studio 10 Pro (Beta) for new Macs with Apple M1 chip. Now PTE works with the best performance on Apple M1 chip: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio-Universal.dmg It's an Universal Application which includes two versions - for Apple M1 and Intel. By default, you automatically run a native version for your Mac (M1 or Intel). Also on Mac with M1 you can use Rosetta emulator to run Intel version to compare performance: 1. Click PTE AV Studio's icon in the Finder. 2. Click the File menu in the Finder and choose the option “Get Info”. 3. I
  4. Peter, Did you work in the Slide list or in the Timeline view? It works only in the Slide list, not in the Timeline view.
  5. Stuart, Only in the popup menu for a selected object (right click on a touch bar).
  6. Jim, Does your 4K monitor support HiDPI (Retina) resolution? PTE AV Studio uses the same font size as other macOS apps. At 3840x2160 without Retina resolution fonts are very small in all apps.
  7. Hi Jim, Thanks for your first impressions for Mac Mini with Apple M1. Universal version should be ready very soon.
  8. Stuart, Thanks, we'll fix this issue with some non-working shortcuts in Mac version.
  9. Igor


    Hello Tim, Thanks for purchasing PTE AV Studio 10! I just sent you personal message with a copy of your license key. We recommend to use Windows Clipboard (Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V) to avoid typos between "1" and "I" when your enter your license in PTE AV Studio.
  10. Hi Peter, Thanks for letting me know. In macOS 100% "CPU" loading means 100% loading for one core only. If CPU has 8 cores, only 800% will mean a full CPU loading. So if PTE in macOS shows 50% "CPU" loading, it means only 12.5% for 4-quad CPU (50% of one core from 4 cores). Start video encoding in PTE to see about 350% CPU loading on 4-core CPU in your Mac!
  11. Quick Sync is already supported for video encoding/decoding in PTE AV Studio 10 on Intel graphics. Tick "Hardware acceleration" option in a window with video parameters when you create MP4 video.
  12. Hi, Check your version of PTE AV Studio in the About window. A similar problem was fixed in the updated version 10.0.12 with some installations of Windows 10. Current version is 10.0.14. Use Auto Update feature or check available updates in the Main menu > Help > Check for Free Updates.
  13. Hi Stuart, Many thanks for your feedback! Yes, we reproduced the problem with non-working Play/Stop buttons in the O&A editor yesterday. It will be fixed in Beta 14. Does Beta 13 installed in Applications? Because opening of a project from Finder should work only for app installed in Applications, not in another folder. This is how macOS works.
  14. Try to temporarily rename or move a project file which was opened in Beta 13 last time. If it doesn't help, browse Application Support folder (watch this video) and find PTEAVStudio folder. Rename or delete this folder and restart PTE AV Studio.
  15. Hi, The most likely you use an old Beta version. This function was added in Beta 10. You need to install the latest Beta 13: https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/23919-pte-av-studio-105-for-mac-beta-13/
  16. Hi, How good stability of PTE AV Studio with Beta 12 or 13? Do you observe any freezings with Mac version? I'm curious, do you observe any freezings with other apps under macOS? Adobe products, Final Cut, or other apps? It would be interesting to compare a stability of PTE and other programs on Mac.
  17. Joan, I checked your project, you need to add Smooth Pan modifier. Because you have 2 animations for zooming and for Pan Y axis. So if you add any speed modifier for zooming you also need to add a smooth modifier for panning to synchronize the animation. The same behaviour with Windows version of PTE. P.S. Sorry for the late response.
  18. Hi, Thanks for your opinion.
  19. Hi, This problem should be solved in Beta 13: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio.dmg
  20. Beta 13 is available See the download link in first post above. Improved smoothness of video playback. Added hints for toolbars buttons. Improvements in the main menu. Improved stability.
  21. It's not available in Mac Beta version yet.
  22. Hi Frans, It's alternate translation from another translator. You can try it and let me know your impressions.
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