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  1. Hi Igor Yesterday I tried to recreate the icon but the program I had would not work I guess Win 10 & update created a conflict with it. So I downloaded and installed a different icon converter and re-did all my icons (5 of them) from the same png files I still had. Now all works. So at this point since I deleted the faulty icons yesterday evening I can not send you the problem ones. I tested programs from 2015 to 17 with the new icons and it all works well. The new program is called Free ICO Converter. Laszlo
  2. Well I got a smarter. I did rebuild the project from scratch and all was going just fine. Created the EXE no problem ,images and music all. But the moment I put my own Icon in place of the regular executable icon it would not create exe. The moment I removed it was no problem. So the personalized EXE ICON is the problem. So in case some other picky person like me try to have things personalized it could be a problem. It did work with all the versions before but not with the V10 Hope this might put some light on someone others issue. Thanks for all involved Laszlo
  3. At this point is just the principal of it. Eventually I get to the end of it LK
  4. So I have removed the first half (39 images and audio track) then did the same with the second half having the first half back on the time line. Still would not do executable. At this point I will start with 10 images from the project at a time and see where it will choke. Will let you know . Laszlo
  5. Well I have made some tests from 9 image to 130 up to about 1GB and it was OK it made 4 exe's at different volumes. Used most of the same files as the original (which is 90 image with 4 tracks of music music, some layers). I doubt that the size is the issue. So at this point I will have to dissect the project and check each image, transition or hidden image somewhere along the timeline. Possible hiccup on any of the 4 audio track. It did happened this and I just had to re-save each track and it would work. I use only wav files, don't like mp3 quality. Laszlo
  6. Thanks for the reply, but splitting is not a solution. The executable was done in the V 9.0....have no idea. Definitely not fro the V 10 series Laszlo
  7. This is the first time ever. I just finished a project that I made about a year ago when I published it in 3 different file format an MP4 at 30p, another MP4 at 60p uncompressed and an .EXE file. They all play perfectly. About a week ago I decided to re-edit the project. Changed the name of the project by adding a space and 02 to it, then re-saved with the new name (that is what I do all the time). Worked on some images, change the play order and change the timing/sync. I made the MP4-30 and 60p version but it would refuse to create the executable version. The file is 6 minutes long and 1
  8. Thank you gentlemen. This is I think what would work especially the modern version. This is my friends gallery http://ritaezrati.com/index.html So you can see yourselves. Paul this is very well done. Congratulation. I will send her the links and see what she thinks and what can we do from there on. If the template is available or you would do it. I appreciate your note. Thanks Laszlo
  9. I'm looking for some solution for a friend of mine who is a painter and would like to create a virtual gallery of her work. She does have a Website where this could be installed. I guess it would need to be 3D to have mouse control. I use V 10.0.14 and have been working with PTE for quite long time but never build a "gallery with walls and hallways" to support images, so I'm stuck. Any idea would be appreciated. Laszlo
  10. Thank you Igor, appreciate your work. Laszlo
  11. Thanks a lot Dave Laszlo
  12. Hi All Is there any news on the Mac version yet. I have a number of people asking me about it. Laszlo
  13. Well, congratulation Igor and the team of old timers to test every little bit to make the program as good as it is today. I'm glad that I posted this request it gives me a good data to pass on to people I share PTE with. I do stress the program at times and have literally no complains. If I do Igor, Lin and Dave right on it, what I really appreciate. It is a good team. Happy to be part of it. Thank you all. Laszlo
  14. Had some discussion with friends about the year of the first PTE EXE. I started with V3..... When was that? I have no clue. Maybe some of you will know Thanks Laszlo
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