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  1. Thank you gentlemen. This is I think what would work especially the modern version. This is my friends gallery http://ritaezrati.com/index.html So you can see yourselves. Paul this is very well done. Congratulation. I will send her the links and see what she thinks and what can we do from there on. If the template is available or you would do it. I appreciate your note. Thanks Laszlo
  2. I'm looking for some solution for a friend of mine who is a painter and would like to create a virtual gallery of her work. She does have a Website where this could be installed. I guess it would need to be 3D to have mouse control. I use V 10.0.14 and have been working with PTE for quite long time but never build a "gallery with walls and hallways" to support images, so I'm stuck. Any idea would be appreciated. Laszlo
  3. Thank you Igor, appreciate your work. Laszlo
  4. Thanks a lot Dave Laszlo
  5. Hi All Is there any news on the Mac version yet. I have a number of people asking me about it. Laszlo
  6. Well, congratulation Igor and the team of old timers to test every little bit to make the program as good as it is today. I'm glad that I posted this request it gives me a good data to pass on to people I share PTE with. I do stress the program at times and have literally no complains. If I do Igor, Lin and Dave right on it, what I really appreciate. It is a good team. Happy to be part of it. Thank you all. Laszlo
  7. Had some discussion with friends about the year of the first PTE EXE. I started with V3..... When was that? I have no clue. Maybe some of you will know Thanks Laszlo
  8. OK the problem has been solved. V 10 automatically installed settings from V9 but looked for items in Program files (x86) and there was the Video studio Install .exe. The actual Video Studio program executable is in the Program files folder because there it has installed by itself. So just had to change the folders. So no wonder by PTE hitting on the install exe since that was where it was pointed. When I installed V10 just sort of scanned thorough the settings and in the small window I could see Corel/Vdeo /Studio but didn't pay attention to the whole string. Thank you guys for the
  9. I had a curious situation with the V10. I had a MOV clip on the time line that I wanted to edit (just a bit of sharpening). So in V9 I could just bounce over to my video editor (Corel Video Studio Ultimate V9) and fix the issue and I was back to continue. The same with image adjustments. PTE V10 wanted to uninstall Video Studio for some reason that I have no clue about. Checked Video Studio if an update was due and maybe that kind of jumped up but was none. I wonder what has happened. Laszlo
  10. Hi Igor I have tried the link to Studio 10 Pro upgrade from V 9.0.22 DeLuxe but the link would not connect. Any solution? Thanks Laszlo
  11. Hi Igor Thanks for the time to look into this issue. In my case was not a pause but a complete cut away (shot the player off). I will be editing some video and slides today so I will pay attention to the control tab option. Thanks again Laszlo
  12. Hi Igor Thanks you for getting back to me. I found it very strange since I considered PTE is the ultimate foolproof program over the years. I chopped of most of the project but left the beginning intact. So there is a short EXE with the problem. Also a screen shot when I tried to play off the timeline in full screen. It is doing what it did when I published in HD resolution (MP4) and an MP4 full resolution which actually rendered properly. Don't understand why? I did changed the fonts of the title,removed the title, removed the black slide (which is the one of right click
  13. I always promptly update but this time I had a surprise when I wanted to publish an EXE and an .MP4 file of the same project. I found the rendering of the EXE file much faster than before but when I tried to play back after the second slide it would cut away/off. The MP4 did the same. The project is a 500 MB file with a 2 1/2 minute video about 2/3 into the clip. I'm used to work with large files and this is the first time that I ever got stuck with PTE like this. I made several attempts and finally I managed to produce an MP4 file that was working. I noticed that the HD video publishing pa
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