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  1. Beta 19 is available See the download link in first post above. Open/Save file window is localized now. F1-F12 shortcut keys are shown in the main menu now. Automatically detects your preferred language on the first run. Added commands in the main menu: Hide PTE AV Studio, Hide Others, Show All Screen saver and sleep mode are deactivated in a full screen preview and during video encoding. Fixed problem with not hidden mouse cursor after launching a full screen preview. Fixed problem with freezing on closing a full screen preview after clicking th
  2. Adrian, Thanks, I updated a list of missing features and known problems in current Beta version: https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/topic/23919-pte-av-studio-105-for-mac-beta-18/?do=findComment&comment=151535
  3. Hi Adrian, I've sent you a personal message through this forum with your license key for PicturesToExe Deluxe 8. I apologize for our missing email.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation. You can add any reasonable number of images and video clips. No problem to add 300-500 images/video clips to the Slide list. Also you can mix multiple images/video clips within one slide. Just remember, if you add too many mixed heavy images on one slide, it may consume a lot of memory and you may need faster Mac with 16GB of memory. Usually Mac have Retina screens 4K-5K and images consumes more memory than on a PC (FullHD screens). As long as PTE AV Studio works fast and smooth, you don't reach limitations of your Mac.
  5. Tom, Do you see any popup notifications when you watch a video a fullscreen view in QuickTime or VLC? Can you check? Thanks, we'll fix it.
  6. Jill, Can you send me one video file which has this problem with VLC 3.0.11? Probably I can help you and send my report to VLC developers. I'll try to find what parameters of audio codec cause this issue.
  7. You can mix video clips with different parameters (size, fps, codecs), on the same slide or several slides. No limitations.
  8. Ken, I can't reproduce this problem. I started a new project and added a dozen of video files. Then created a backup in a ZIP - about 3.3 GB. I could unpack it using Finder (default utility) and open in PTE. Probably this issue is related with a particular file in your project. Maybe unusual file name with special symbols. Try with a new project adding the same files to find a file which cause this problem.
  9. Peter, Thanks for this valuable information. It seems that Adobe prefered to save compatibility with Mac and Windows version to use the same shortcut keys. I think that we'll keep F1-F12 shortcut key for Mac version, too.
  10. Hi Peter, I added this point to the list of Known problems. Thanks. Honestly, I didn't think that Edit File command is so popular, because I thought that usually JPEG files are mostly used.
  11. Mike, Do you mean that Photoshop doesn't open an image file from a slide (Edit File command)? Or updated image doesn't appear in the Slide list?
  12. Ann, The best option to share your show with other Mac users is to create a MP4 video. It seems that this app (Camera Bag Pro) was automatically associated with MP4 video files on your Mac. You can read this instruction how to associate MP4 videos with QuickTime (or any other video player): https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/42539/how-to-change-the-default-application-for-a-file-type-in-mac-os-x/ Or you can run QuickTime and drag a MP4 video file to a window of QuickTime (or icon in the Dock). 2. Also you can upload created a MP4 video file to YouTube or Vimeo. An
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