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  1. Thank jienense! It's just for viewing the presentation
  2. Thank you, Jean-Cyprien. PDF file is understandable. But the .pteav file on Windows is unreadable. Probably it`s for MAC
  3. Jean-Cyprien, Mike2003, Very interesting and necessary! But it is not clear how it works. Could you show by example or do a lesson with an example. Thanks in advance!
  4. Gogs, Welcome. Hope you find the style useful.
  5. George, Thank you for the beautiful and emotional review! I love Enigma too. Unfortunately, the last studio album Enigma came out in 2016. There were a few covers and re-recordings, but nothing more. Composition Why! was released in 1996. on disc Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! I wish you success and health!
  6. henry,wideangle Thank you for feedback!
  7. it49, I know this and it is clear to me, since I did it all myself. It is not clear to me why, when rotating along Y, the layers diverge along Z. And how to change this.
  8. jt49,Thank you for the clarification. Although all this is very strange. I took the same photo twice. Enlarged the second photo in X by 3% and in Y by 2%. As a result, the second photo was displaced along the Z axis. Now I experimented with your example and at the end of the rotation set the Z value to 9 and everything looks fine. jt49,Thanks again! Although, it is still strange and incomprehensible.
  9. Hey! There was a question for amateurs and experts. Cut the photo into pieces. I also made a frame from the cut photo. When rotating along the Y axis, you can see that the frame is at a distance from the photo. Screen on the link below. Both the photo and the frame along the Z axis are 0. Why is this happening? PTE version 10.5.3 build 1
  10. Thank you Berny for your comments and feedback! I wish you success and health!
  11. Demonstration of the possibilities of the Scroll and Bend Style Set. The styles are based on the spread of a rolled-up scroll into a canvas. Perhaps someone wants to make beautiful and unusual slides using any of the 12 styles from the set. You can download the styles here: https://yadi.sk/d/ZmSsqgJV767NiQ Nice viewing and using styles.
  12. Igor, now, when working with Frame, the Blur parameter works, but the Opasity parameter does not. It would be nice to add this feature in the new version. In addition, I wanted to be able to perform group operations with key frames in the new version. When you cut a photo into 20-30 parts, group cloning and copying operations are very necessary. As well as group operations with the Color correction parameter.
  13. Bruss4444, Thanks for the feedback
  14. smithrg, Rosemary, Thanks for the feedback
  15. Created a set of styles for working with large and medium photos / pictures / videos. The set includes styles from Paul (stranger2156), Alex (AleAle5025), Bad Dencer and more than 15 of our own. Photos format 16:9 and 5:4. There are 25 styles in total. Styles are well for large and medium formats, for nature and panoramic photos. All styles use one picture, except two, which use 5 pictures each. You can download the styles from the link: https://yadi.sk/d/NkaWbI1M0BDKmw Enjoy viewing and using the styles. P.S. The last slide is an animated text label for those wishing to sign a photo and give a short comment or explanation.
  16. Examples of applying the style set Soft frames and masks. Thanks to AleAle5025 for creating beautiful and graceful frames! You can download the styles here: https://yadi.sk/d/a48dtlxV4JF9vA.
  17. Thank you Tonton Bruno for your feedback!
  18. RayArt, I really liked the melody. Of course, my English is not that good, but it seems to me that the words fit the meaning. Perhaps Beethoven "To Eliza" would have approached the video, but he lived 150 years earlier than the shown pictures age. We all have our own musical tastes. Thank you for your feedback!
  19. Indeed, George, the song is called 3 to 1, but it can be interpreted as a 3-2-1 countdown. You have a good sense of humor, it helps to live more interestingly.
  20. Xenofex2, rosy, henry64200, Thank you for your feedback and comments. I'm glad the video was good. Rosy, everyone has their own taste. I liked this music with a beautiful melody and without screams and squeals.
  21. A short retro love story with a beautiful composition Monoir & Eneli "3 to 1"
  22. Jacques, wideangle, jienense, Thank you very much for your feedback! Hope you find the styles useful. Jacques, c'est étrange que le téléchargement soit écrit en russe. Doit être en anglais ou en français. J'aurais dû essayer un autre navigateur. Le mot Télécharger est orthographié en russe Скачать.
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