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  1. Well done Bert. Certainly is an interesting temple.
  2. JRR


    Well done (however you did it
  3. That link worked. When I clicked on the one in the original post it seemed to pick up the entire string Thanks
  4. Link doesn't seem to work
  5. Great animation, smoothly done. Music was well chosen
  6. Thought it was an excellent presentation of the history of your club. It is a little long for general audiences, but that is not your intended audience so it is OK. A nice mix of transition effects, well handled. Since you asked for feedback, a couple of things: - I found the opening title difficult to read, I recognize Italian is not my first language, but I think more contrast between the title and the back ground would be better. Maybe a bolder font, with a heavier stroke? - the finish of the transitions from 1:50-2:29 is a cut, not a fade. I found that to be jarring/dis
  7. Very nice decorations, nicely photographed and set to music. Special effects were great
  8. Very nicely done, images and music well chosen and synchronized. I'd love to visit, but perhaps not live there. We have enough snow and winter where we are thanks. Очень красиво сделано, изображения и музыка хорошо подобраны и синхронизированы. Я бы с удовольствием приехал сюда, но, возможно, не живу там. У нас достаточно снега и зимы, за что нам спасибо.
  9. Nice visual story with great sequencing and transitions. Haven't done that trip yet, did an ocean cruise ship sail of a small part of that. Guess we'll have to wait a year or so before the opportunity comes again.
  10. Nice photography. Lake District in UK? Some very nice transitions
  11. Well done, certainly gets the story across. Nicecatvh with the squirrel jumping and the bird flying!
  12. Beautiful images, lovely production
  13. Must have been a great trek! Can you direct me to Tonton Bruno's tutorial re animated maps please.
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