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  1. Nice visual story with great sequencing and transitions. Haven't done that trip yet, did an ocean cruise ship sail of a small part of that. Guess we'll have to wait a year or so before the opportunity comes again.
  2. Nice photography. Lake District in UK? Some very nice transitions
  3. Well done, certainly gets the story across. Nicecatvh with the squirrel jumping and the bird flying!
  4. Beautiful images, lovely production
  5. Must have been a great trek! Can you direct me to Tonton Bruno's tutorial re animated maps please.
  6. Very moving presentation Mark. Music was excellent
  7. Mark I have an Australian friend who is planning a trip to Scotland (once Covid-19 is resolved) They really enjoyed your production. Could you share where, and when (in terms of month) you found the puffins. Also the landscape images, were they from widely dispersed areas, along a particular route? Thanks
  8. Wonderful photography. Haven't been to Scotland for way too many years, may I need to go again!!
  9. I doubt if it is what you have in mind as it is not a "template", or "style", but about 15-16 years ago (With a very early version of PTE) I did a Family Tree set (106) of PTE AV's that connected with each other via Objects. I gave CD copies to all, but no one in the family bothered to look at it, so I ended up publishing a book of it. The individual images/pages were done in PhotoShop. I've attached a four sample images/pages. (also in the AVs/book were letters, newspaper stories, pictures of heirlooms etc.) The full book can be seen at: https://www.blurb.ca/books/9680792-robe
  10. Scary situation for sure. Your production would certainly get the story across on FB. I can't answer your embeding question, but I have a suggestion for future productions. I had difficulty reading the text during the playing, I had to stop the video to read it. Perhaps a less "fancy" script or plainer font and use a more contrasting colour might help.
  11. Stranger2156/Paul: My comment re adding thickness as the pages turn was made as my being very picky. Your suggestion of opening the book "in the middle" would work quite well
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