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  1. JRR


    Very nicely implemented. I particularly like the background being out of focus and does not "fight" with the subject.
  2. Well done Lin! You travelled to a lot if great places
  3. JRR


    Hi MUR Title certainly stands out more. Maybe angle it a bit? The position of the flowers, particularly the one on the left is much better. I don't remember, in version one, the plant stem with the flowers standing out as much as it does in version 2. The background is soft and muted, while the stem is sharp. The two don't seem to blend as well as I recall from ver 1. I like the way the stem twists a little as the buds open.
  4. JRR


    Well done Mur. Two suggestions: 1. I found the title difficult to make out. Maybe make the white thicker or a different font? Different colour maybe, but white should work. 2. I would prefer to see the lower left flower not be cut off at the bottom. I found it bothersome and distracting - likely because I have had it drilled into me in photography courses to not cut things at the frame edge. If you could move it a bit higher and to the left, I think there is room for it.
  5. Very nice Dom. Haven't seen you lurking around for a long time. The city today must look completely different without many people out and about.
  6. Nice video, images and music. (Based on some of the pictures, should I assume you live in Australia?)
  7. Very nicely done Lin.
  8. Gee Lin, only 36,200???? Nice going Lin and PTE
  9. Maureen: I rec'd two emails re the show. One link did work, the other didn't. There was one email that said 16x10, I think that one had the link that worked
  10. Beautiful production, as always, Maureen!! Lovely early morning/late afternoon light in many of the images. Well chosen music.
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