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  1. Ha, quite obvious really.... Thanks for the quick answer Lin
  2. I'm (very) new to PTE AV Studio so maybe I'm missing something: I have a sequence of 5 video clips to which I have applied the "Floating Pictures" style. It works very will except for the audio. Each 'background' clips' audio is played repeatedly for each foreground clip. I tried to reduce the volumes to 0 before applying the effect, or even removing the audio, but the style still played the audio. In the end I removed the audio externally before loading into PTE. Is there another way? Maybe an option in 'Convert/Trim Video Clip' to disable audio, or in the Style settings. In this particular sequence I don't need any of the audio as I'm using a separate track, but it would be nice if it only played the audio of the current foreground clip. John
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