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  1. Of course, thank you Macian for your kindness; I'll try it later (I'm a new user and so I need time to test all the new functions) ! More, I'll follow your suggestion; I'll do the upgrade to the pro version. Thanks again. Regards
  2. Thank you Macian, I'll try it. Did u wrote it with the "pro" version ? Do you suggest to me to apgrade to the "pro" version ?
  3. Yes or starting from a single poi from left to right or to right to left
  4. Good morning everyone, I'm trying to enter a one-line text by scrolling it from left to right but I don't understand how to align the text. It's very easy to make text appear from a central point, using zoom functions but it doesn't seem to work if I wanto to start from a point and scroll left to right; any suggestion. Thank you in advance. Regards. Ugo Malasomma
  5. Good job. I have my old fonts. Thank you very much for your help. Regards. Ugo
  6. Thank you for your answer; do you think I have to copu the fonts from the old PC ?
  7. I had to reinstall PTE AV Studio 10 and got an unpleasant surprise. In the version downloaded from the site the fonts are different from the one I had; can someone help me to add the missing files? Thanks in advance. Ugo
  8. Hi all, I'm a new user of PTE. Slideshows are a hobby for me and I have been using ProShow Producer for 3/4 years.
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