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  1. I would like to see PTEAV be able to create an 'auto slideshow' that can later be edited by the user. Thanks... Barry
  2. I would like to see a way to lock the cursor. Many times in the timeline view I move the cursor to mark a point I want to adjust a slide to (for example to match a slide to a waveform), but when I move the mouse to the slide I want to adjust, the cursor jumps to where I just moved the mouse. Thanks, Barry
  3. Barry, I was unclear. I will try to be more clear. As for the non-pro version I meant using the built in features already in pte. For instance, I used the addition of a rectangle and manipulated the animation features such as opacity and zoom for backgound. This yielded, somewhat acceptable background. I was thinking someone with your skills and knowledge might be able to expand on that and other alternatives using only items within PTE AV Studio Standard version. As for the external programs, I do have an older version of Photoshop and when I had the non pro pte version I did reso
  4. The following post was requested by Igor to be re-posted here, and I gladly do so. Suggestion: I would like to learn the create options (styles and transitions) a lot better. May I suggest a couple of videos that start out with simple examples to lay the foundation and then followed by a couple or few more 'complex' examples.BTW: You can thank Barry Beckham for this customer. I watched several of his videos and he demonstrated how powerful your product is... and it is! I have a ways to go, obviously, but I hope to learn some of the more powerful aspects of PTE AV Studio. Thank you for a g
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