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  1. Well I pleased to hear that you are not hacked not sure I understand the implications for me?
  2. Yes I just got one too ... from "Barbara2" Through my contact email address
  3. Excellent - thank-you for the follow up information. I will do a test tonight. Many thanks
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the options With option 1 ... am I right in assuming that this will NOT work if I give the organisers of the event a USB with the .exe file to run on THEIR computer? If so is there any way around that problem? Option 2 - I have some homework to find out about "stub shows" ... thanks
  5. Hi - new to PTE Is it possible to create an execute file of a slideshow that plays continuously (loops) until a user intervenes? (or can it be done with an mp4 file?) I have a 20 minute background slideshow that I would like to play at an event which runs over several hours- I would like it to play continuously without having to start it up again every 20minutes when it comes to the end. Thanks for any help or guidance you might be able to provide to achieve this goal.
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