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  1. Well Ray, You were spot on with your assessment of my problem. This time I looked closely and found that the burning to DVD default was set to PAL/SECAM. selecting NTSC of course made the difference. Those 2 messages should have rang a bell with me, but they didn't. Not today anyway. Thanks again, Douglas
  2. Hello Ray, Thanks so much for your time and advice. I never checked too make sure it was NTSC I was burning. I'm off to try again. Thanks again Ray. Douglas
  3. Hello everyone, I just made my first show (24 slides 1 music track), very simple show. I'm using PTE version 6.5. I wanted to surprise my wife with a nice slide show of Hawaii. After putting the show together, I burnt it to a DVD (Taiyo Yuden)following the commands in PTE. I continued using the next command until the burn was complete. I have 2 Sony DVD players, one is BlueRay. I put the DVD in the BlueRay player and received this message, "Cannot operate this disk". I then inserted it into my other DVD player in another room, and received this message, "Play back is prohibited by area limitations". My last effort was to try it in my computer DVD, also a Sony. It worked without a problem. Anyone have an idea what I did wrong, or didn't do right please? :unsure: Douglas
  4. Hello Yachtsman1, I have tutorials. I asked for other information in my post above, thanks Douglas
  5. Hello everyone, While looking around the forum for 4 hours last night, and into early this morning. I went to different links looking for information on Pictures ToEXE, and watching slide shows from many different places. In my travels I came across someone who was willing to make a slide show (for a price of course) if you send them your photos. This would enable the person requesting the show (me)to load it into Pictures ToEXE, and learn some of the process on my computer. I think I read that the cost would be reasonable? It struck me as an easy way to start the learning the program (a good idea). Problem is, I forgot to save the information as a favorite. Now I can't find where, or who it was that made the offer. Is there anyone who knows what/who I am talking about? Please help if you can. I'm getting very serious about learning this program. This morning I showed my wife a few slide shows from Lin Evans, Barry Beckham, and Greg Gordon. Her remarks at the end were not very good for me. Christa said she liked the PTE presentations much better than the ones I have made for years using ProShow Producer. I could not believe my ears after all this time. Being my age, I have to get on the fast track. I tend to forget things rather quickly these days. Thanks, Douglas
  6. How wonderful of the three of you to take your time to respond, thank you. I also didn't expect a reply from the administrator. Especially with all work, and the time it takes keeping PTE running. All the information is a great help. Now I need to watch tutorials, read the instructions, and learn this program. I sent links of some of the PTE slide shows to friend that use the same software as I. They are as impressed as I am. Thanks again for your time, Douglas
  7. I have been a member of this forum since 2007 but have not used PTE at all. I have the latest version, I just have not used it. I have other slide show software that I use. I would like to now attempt a show using Pictures ToExe. My question is how do you pause, fast forward, or go back while watching a slide show. Is it not possible? Douglas
  8. I'm using a Sony DRU 840A and my show did not play PAL. As soon as I changed to NTSC within PTE it worked. Douglas
  9. Dave, Thats good information to know. Thanks Douglas
  10. You hit the nail right on the head Lin. Project options had PAL/SECAM set as the default. I didn't research before starting the first DVD, sorry for any bother. What brought me to PTE in the first place was how sharp and crystal clear the images were in all the slide shows I have seen. All from you and other members of this forum. There was one show that really impresses me with the photos and how the music is so well synchronized with each slide. I watch it over and over and it never gets old to me. It's name, Animal Magic located at Beckham Digital. I upgraded in hopes of finding the same sharpness on my television through the DVD player. Have to tell you, I was not disappointed. I just wish I could add an AVI or two and keep that same show quality. Thanks again for your help, Douglas
  11. Lin, I should have known you would be the first to answer the call. I did not check to see if the setting were on NTSC. I live in Olympia, Washington. Thanks so much for your time. I will try again and be back with the results soon. Thanks again, Douglas
  12. I think I am about to get my biggest PTE dissapointment?? I have PTE for awhile now but never used it. I have been using ProShow Producer for years. I purchased PTE tutorials from Beckham Digital to learn the program and many actions from the Dom and PanosFX. Yesterday I tried to make a slide show DVD only to find I had to upgrade to the Deluxe version ($34.00). I did that thinking this DVD would play in my DVD player conected to my HD Television. It does not work... I sent WnSoft an e-mail last night asking about this. I'm afraid of what the answer will be. The purpose for my upgrade was to watch these slide shows on my TV. When I put the disk in the player I get the following messages. (1) This disk cannot be played. (2) Playback prohibit by area limitations. I know someone on this forum has the answer so please let me know when you have the time.. Regards, Douglas
  13. Anyone have any idea what JPD's progress is? I have not seen anything in awhile.... Douglas
  14. Thank you for your time and effort.. Douglas
  15. Hello Ken and Lin, Thanks very much for the fast reply. Accidents happen. Not being on the forum much in the past, I was not sure what the procedure was for removing spam. All old information in this thread is not important to me, however anything new pertaining to this tool of Jean-Pierre's is. I am looking forward (as I am sure many members are) to any new information on this drawing tool. I was on the Beta Team for a program that works in the same way as this demonstrated tool, so I am very interested in how this tool works within PTE. Tom Court was very helpful with information on how to use VisiSketchPro with PTE. I find the members of this forum to be very helpful when help is needed. A good example is the quick response from Ken in his message above and the many times Lin has helped through personal e-mail in the past. Again, thank you both. Best regards, Douglas
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