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  1. Thanks Ken will try out Cheers Rob
  2. Ron Many thanks for your suggestion , I'll have a dabble at it and see what effects it has on the show I agree that 578 slides is a lot but it's my Holiday shots of USA and will be viewed by me and wife and other relatives who I want to punish Cheers Rob
  3. Hi to all this is my first post so sorry if I have got it wrong, re etiquette etc. Anyway I am having problems with slides being out of sync with the music files used in the show.I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and how they fixed it. The slides and music are perfect when previewing them in the PTE prog but when created as a DVD or a exe file for PC then they are a good 3 to 4 seconds out and some of the tracks are chopped or not even recored. Iam running V 6.02 Show is 578 slides 38 mins long and uses mix of MP3 and Wav complied using Audacity...... HEELPPP any sugges
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