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  1. Thanks Dave Gee, I have not seen the full list of hot keys before, I only knew two. Canico
  2. As no one seems to have an answer hopefully it can be sorted in a future upgrade. Another anomaly when setting a pan is that the set transition time changes to some random number. Canico
  3. Would someone please advise how panning duration is correctly set. I am trying to get 3 slides to pan in sequence at the same times and speed, I find that if I set the duration of the pan in Styles & Themes the time on the slide line changes and if I set it on the slide line it changes in Styles and Themes. It always seems to reduce the pan times from the value I set. Thank you
  4. As our activities are restricted and I am not getting out and about taking photos I have thought about going back to my pre-digital age negatives to see if there could be sequences to be made. Accordingly can anyone recommend a good negative viewer so that I can decide what is worth sending off to be scanned ? Thank you
  5. Hi David I have had similar problems in the past and this is my closing down sequence one left click on File one left click on Save As one left click on the storage location, in my case, E drive double left click on AV sequences double left click on the title of the sequence double left click on PTE ( or EXE if you prefer, but then the sequence cannot be changed) ensure the correct title is displayed and I always add a version number ie V1, V2 etc. I give a new V number after every session and delete earlier versions later. one left click o
  6. Many thanks to all for your information,you have given me plenty of options to try. Canico
  7. On Barry's video 'Portraits to a Landscape ' ( very helpful ,thank you ) there are some yellow arrows directing our attention to parts of the screen. I would like to use these to point to parts of a map on an image so Barry would you please explain how you did this. I need to point to 5 parts of a map so I could use 5 copies of the image with one arrow on each or have one image on screen for a long time and fade the arrows in and out one at a time. Which would you recommend please ? Thank You Canico
  8. Thank you both for your suggestions,I had not thought of the idea of making 3 pictures and merging them into one. I have rather given up on PhotoShop as too complicated and now use Luminar 4 and I will see what I can do there. Thanks again Canico
  9. I would like to edit this picture - currently in portrait format - (picture one is the full image size) to fit the full image space on the slide line,. Is there a tool in the programme to do this with without cropping the image. How can I achieve the same image without the black edges. I've tried using the objects and animations tool to pull the black panels sideways which crops the image. I have tried selecting the 3 to 2 ratio which also crops the image. Thank you
  10. Thank you Jill for your advice
  11. I have PTE V10 Studio and find the new features of audio clipping and fixing clips to slides very good . However I find the clips do not stay in the timeline they are put in but tend to bounce up and down vertically so that I have go searching for them. Is there a way of stopping this please? Also is it possible to delete the blue/black dots from the audio line when they are not required ? Thank you
  12. Thank you Jill ,I will give this a try.
  13. I am having difficulty changing between two sequences. Wishing to stop working on sequence 1 ( waiting for info) i want to switch to an old sequence to rework it, say sequence 2. I go to FILE ,select sequence 2 from my sequences list and go to OPEN ( it is not in the recent project list ) The problem is that sequence 1 does not clear from the slide list and sequence 2 doe not appear. Please advise where I am going wrong, I assume I could have same situation when I am ready to go back to sequence 1.
  14. Thank you both,I have now got it. Canico
  15. Hello I have been linking slides to music in the right click drop down menu in V10 studio but have not found a way to delete the slide number if I later want to release it and link to a different slide. I will be grateful if someone could advise me Regards Canico
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