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  1. Thanks Dave, you have pointed me in the right direction. I was talking about the colour scheme for PTE AV Studio, adjusted under Settings>Preferences>Light or Dark. Mental block yesterday but your advice solved the issue in seconds. Regards Leo
  2. In PTE Studio 10 is it possible to change the background colour from black to white?
  3. Garry, I started using Malwarebytes as a trail. When the trial period was over, 30 days I think, it stopped working so I purchased the version I now use. I think it cost about £24. Leo
  4. The problem was caused by an upgrade of version on Malwarebytes. This change caused Malwarebytes to see Pic2Exe as a potential threat or "false positive". There really was no threat at all. When advised, by Igor, Malwarebytes corrected their problem with a subsequent upgrade........the issue then vanished and everything is now working fine.
  5. Hello Morasoft, I have done the same and mine is working fine also. Thanks Leo
  6. Ivor, Many thanks for your help. I will do just that. Regards Leo
  7. It's correct what is said "you learn something new every day"........I had no idea there was a specific forum for Pix2Exe. Many thanks for your help. Best wishes Leo
  8. Why has this been moved and where has it been moved to? I have heard nothing. Leo
  9. I'm not 100% certain what I am doing here. I am confused......where has it been moved to? Thanks Leo
  10. Hello, I'm using Pic2Exe 7-5-10 and have been doing so successfully since it was released. In fact it was working fine yesterday. I also use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware programme. Both have been working fine together for months. Today when I clicked on the Preview button in Pic2Exe the Malware programme cut in and said it had prevented a Trojan and had vaulted it. When I clicked again on Preview the RHS pane on the main PIc2Exe page flashed on and off and did not start the show. I switched off & rebooted. Cleared the Virus Vault, reinstalled Pic2Exe. Again I got the Malware warning and Previ
  11. I'm using Pic2Exe 7.5.7 and Windows 8 on a laptop. In the main window when I press the F4 key I would expect to get the "Light Box View" of all the slides in the show. This happens on my desktop with 7.5.7 and Windows 7. However on my laptop with Windows 8 I get a pop up with Second Screen - Project to a connected screen option list. I cannot find the Light Box anywhere. Can you help please. Thanks Leo
  12. Dave, I downloaded "Classic Shell" software to restore my Windows desktop and Start Menu to something like normal. In the process, and I know not how it occurred, my appearance theme changed to High Contrast#1. This introduced the black background onto MS Word etc. Emails and the web pages ( I think it did it to web pages) and of course Pic2Exe. Right clicking on the windows desktop, then Personalize and setting appearance to Windows Classic theme restored things to normal. Thanks for your help Leo
  13. DG Problem solved. The properties of the screen were introducing the colour change. I changed them back to normal and everything is now OK. Windows 8 is reprieved......for now! Thanks Leo
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