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As it rebuilding of this forum is in process, and as Christmas is fast approaching, it seems appropriate that the PTE Users' Wish List be rekindled.

I for one would like to see the ability of having a more flexible/powerful "goto" feature. Presently the feature apears to be "object dependent" (IF there is an object AND there is a mouse click THEN goto). Perhaps a simple slide option of "If this box checked, on endof slide GOTO" could be implemented - this goto could either be to goto another silde or even to start another show.


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I would like to be able to use the auto-synchonise facility but be able to add clickable objects. At the moment it will allow you to synchronise a show and keep the last slide on screen, but any buttons that are placed on this last slide are non-functioning.

The purpose would be to have a short auto-run introduction that kicks in when a CD is loaded that has a last slide acting as a menu. The only way of achieving this at the moment is use the old method of manually timing each picture, but then of course the show won't synch on faster/slower computers.


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So long as we're "wishing" here, let me crawl up on Santa's lap!

I'd like a timeline/thumbnail interface like that used by ProShow Gold

The capability to also produce VCD shows like Xatshow

Text effects like those of Medi@Show

That should keep Santa (Igor) and the "elves" busy for a while, yes?

(What's that? Is "Santa" saying Ho! Ho! Ho!?) :)

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When changing the order of images within P2E it would be helpful to be able to 'grab' several to move (maybe select them by ctrl+click or use shift+click to select a group) instead of just moving them one at a time.

This is, of course, only a minor refinement, but anything in this wish list has really got to be just icing on top of an excellent cake!


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There are 2 items that hinder distributing an exe to others.

1. Fonts are not embedded in the executable limiting the use of Windows fonts to those installed by default with Windows.

2. The executable will not resize for display on a screen resolution other than the resolution used to create it. It needs to resize to the resolution of the machine running the exe. It could easily use a black border for higher resolutions and compress for smaller resolutions than the one used to create the exe.

Thank you very much for considering this!! I use the program to create presentations for missionaries all around the world and they often distribute CD's to others who get a distorted playback due to the two problems mentioned above.

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I think that I am right in saying that the resolution will resize if under Project Options/Screen the 'fit to screen' box is ticked. I cannot test this at the moment but I have distributed several slideshows and no-one has ever said that this was a problem.

As far as embedded fonts are concerned I gather that it has something to do with copyright - but you can always make the text part of the picture using Photoshop or similar.


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Again a big plea for the ability to run .avi files, like Presentation Publisher can. PTE is my preferred program at this point, but avi capability is very important to me. Avi files are ideally suited for CD presentations, since there is plenty of room for them and more and more people are purchasing digital cameras with video capabilities.

Also, HTML page generating ability would be a big plus.

Sharon (starfish)

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