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..."pause" problem...

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... I need to let the user "pause" the show but the "pause" action only stops the slides and not the music whether it's in the background or foreground synched or not synched... am I missing something..? ...TIA for any help..

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Under Project Options:

Check the following:

Synchronize slideshow to music duration.


Permit control of the show.

If you do this, the music and show will stop if you depress the "Pause" button...and it will resume if you depress the "pause" button again. Function <F1> will give the person viewing the show a navigation help. In this mode the navigation bar at the bottom can't be displayed. I provide this function in all the shows I create but most people evidently don't. I prefer this to the navigation bar. You can put instructions to reach help on your first slide if desired. If you download one of my shows from Beechbrook Cottage, run it and depress the <F1> key or <pause> key you can see how this one works. The arrow keys permit you to backup or go forward also.

My shorstest posted slideshow is here:

Dedicated to Willie

At least this function is available in PTE 4.20

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