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  1. Igor, OK, Thanks (and sorry for causing problems with my name ) Bernard
  2. Hi Igor, Yes it works ok now. Thanks for your help ! Bernard
  3. Done, sent 2 screen shots. Bernard
  4. Igor, I uninstalled VB, click DVD video, installed VB again, then : click start VB : nothing happens DVD video at top right corner : nothing happens BTW, I have a french version of Windows 10.
  5. Hi Igor, I did what you suggested. Same result as before with 10.0.6, VideoBuilder was installed into the same folder as mentioned above, not in C:\Programmes, does it matter ? I try to produce a video DVD, a saved project is open, nothing happens.
  6. BTW, forgot to say I can start Videobuilder by double click on VideoBuilder.exe , but not directly from PTE.
  7. I am not sure I understand your question. But the project has been saved (xxx.pte exists), the .exe for PC has been created, and a mp4 as well.
  8. I am using PTE AV Studio pro 10.0.5 , Windows 10 I am trying to create a video DVD. The first time, videobuilder was apparently installed, but when I clicked on start videobuilder, nothing happened. I checked and found that videobuilder was installed in C:\Users\user-name\appdata\local\PictutesToExe\Versions\10.0\VideoBuilder\ After, when I choose create a video DVD in PTE : absolutely nothing happens : no new window, no error message.....nothing. Any suggestion ? Thanks, Bernard
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