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  1. Thanks jkb and jt49 for your comments, but I think what you propose are kind of workarounds. I am giving PTE courses to people in photo clubs, and I noticed many times the problems I mentioned above. Of course, when you are an expert, these are no problems. Bernard
  2. Renaming a pte file could be done via save-as new-name + close +delete old-name. Very similar to cut and paste. Many people just don't forget to give a name and end up with lots of 'project1'. You could rename the xxx.pte file but the internal name would still be the old one. Quite confusing. If renaming would not be possible, I still suggest to mention the project name on top of project options, and to invoke project options with file -> new. Bernard
  3. 1) When you start a new project, you give it a name and the ratio. Then you go to project options for main, audio, etc..... That's a two step 'workflow' and one can forget the first. 2) As far as I know, there is no way inside PTE to change the project name. I would suggest to add the project name to the project options before main. . file -> new would invoke this new project options directly . it should be possible to change the project name in the project options Bernard
  4. Igor, OK, Thanks (and sorry for causing problems with my name ) Bernard
  5. Hi Igor, Yes it works ok now. Thanks for your help ! Bernard
  6. Done, sent 2 screen shots. Bernard
  7. Igor, I uninstalled VB, click DVD video, installed VB again, then : click start VB : nothing happens DVD video at top right corner : nothing happens BTW, I have a french version of Windows 10.
  8. Hi Igor, I did what you suggested. Same result as before with 10.0.6, VideoBuilder was installed into the same folder as mentioned above, not in C:\Programmes, does it matter ? I try to produce a video DVD, a saved project is open, nothing happens.
  9. BTW, forgot to say I can start Videobuilder by double click on VideoBuilder.exe , but not directly from PTE.
  10. I am not sure I understand your question. But the project has been saved (xxx.pte exists), the .exe for PC has been created, and a mp4 as well.
  11. I am using PTE AV Studio pro 10.0.5 , Windows 10 I am trying to create a video DVD. The first time, videobuilder was apparently installed, but when I clicked on start videobuilder, nothing happened. I checked and found that videobuilder was installed in C:\Users\user-name\appdata\local\PictutesToExe\Versions\10.0\VideoBuilder\ After, when I choose create a video DVD in PTE : absolutely nothing happens : no new window, no error message.....nothing. Any suggestion ? Thanks, Bernard
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