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  1. Thanks Igor that will answer that question, I started with the trial version and recall that had the feature but didn't notice it was not available on the version I paid for. I won't be a problem at this stage as I see there is a window where I can create start points for audio and fade in and out. Appreciate your help and prompt replies to my queries. Regards Peter
  2. Hi Igor, re the updated version you sent, 10.0.10, I have been through all of the above and still have a problem. There is no squiggly icon on the toolbar, and no orange trace line on the audio, just plain green.
  3. Morning Igor, have tried the 10.0.10 version and it works fine just as the previous version you sent a link for, version 10.0.09 Peter
  4. Thank you Igor, one other problem I noticed was that the audio worked but had no trace to allow volume adjustment fade in and out etc May be linked to the other problem I experienced. Peter
  5. Morning Igor, Again many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have tried the previous version and it works perfectly. Thank you for the solution. Peter
  6. Hi Igor many thanks for getting back to me. Windows 10, and NVIDIA Graphics GT 1030, version 442.23. When checking for this info I did notice that there is a drop down with two options, 'Classic app' and 'Universal app' mine is set on Classic app. Peter
  7. Have recently installed PTE AV Studio 10 and am experiencing an ongoing problem. Every time I hit the 'Toggle Full Screen View' arrow the program shuts down and reverts to home screen. it even happens on the sample project. Have tried altering the tool bar settings but am currently running out of ideas. Has anyone experienced this problem or any ides as to how to rectify it?
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