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  1. I tried, but none is working. I did publish 4 4K photo shows after purchasing the software, but after that the publish function of the software is not working. I have re-installed the software and tried again with my license and that too did not work. I updated all the drivers in my computer too. It appears that there is a counter in the PTE studio (normally used in trial version) that is keeping a count of how many shows I have published and when I exceed the hard coded maximum limit then it is not allowing any further publishing. Is this a possibility? What is the solution? Thanks
  2. Igor, I am using version 10.0.12. This is an official purchase and not a trial version. Your help to resolve the issue of not being able to publish show files in 4K is highly appreciated. Is there any on-call support in USA? A chat service will also be helpful. Sarit
  3. When I am trying to publish my shows in 4k - there is no response from the software. It was working a few days earlier.
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