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  1. Many thanks Igor for the quick and encouraging reply. I did check my SPAM folder and don't see any misplaced replies to my service requests. It's so kind of you to make version 8.0 available to me; Bless You. Thanks again, Jim
  2. I have requested help from Technical Support 5 different times (over the past 2 months) and NEVER gotten a reply. Does Wnsoft still have a Tech Support department?? Why don't they answer support requests?? Call my antiquated but P2E 6.5 deluxe has served my purposes for MANY years. I evidently need an upgrade to be able to include video clips in my shows. In another section of this forum, I was told that I could upgrade to version 7.5 deluxe for free (which would allow me to include videos). I did install version 7.5 deluxe and activated it with my old P2E key (got a confirmation mes
  3. Bless you Jill for this suggestion. I didn't know it was a free upgrade. I'll do it now! Many thanks, Jim
  4. I was afraid of that. I guess it's just not possible in 6.5 deluxe. Bummer !!!
  5. Thanks for such a quick response. I put all the media (photos and video clips) into one folder. When I imported the folder into P2E, only the JPGs imported. The MP4s are not visible. The folder view in P2E doesn't show any MP4s.
  6. I rarely make slide shows and version 6.5 deluxe has met my needs up to now. However, I'm not seeing any way to add a video clip (MP4) to my current project. Am I overlooking something?? Thanks in advance for any advice you have, JIm
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