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  1. Thanks for advising, Igor. How long, in your estimation, will it take for voice recoding to be added to the Mac version?
  2. Version: PTE AV Studio Pro 10.5.2 build4 Platform: Macbook Pro I need to add commentary into the AV. Under project options I have added a "Track for Audio Comments". However, when clicking "Add Audio or voice" in the top right menu area, nothing happens under the tab"Record Voice Comment". 1. am I missing another step in the setup? 2. is this not yet possible in the Mac version? I have also tried to set in the preferences an external audio editor ( I have Audacity), but this also does not activate Audacity anywhere to speak so that the commentary ends up on a voice track. I have run out of ideas what to try. Please assist.
  3. Hi Igor, I inquired yesterday with regard to Beta version and you directed me to this forum. I have two Macbook Pro , a new one and an older one. I shall primarily use the Macbook Pro 16" with macOS Catalina, although also on the mid 2012 15" Macbook with with macOS Mojave if possible while travelling. How can I download the beta version to try?
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