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  1. Thanks Igor. I do still have all the project files archived somewhere, so I can rebuild the EXE show. I suspect you are right and the file is corrupt somehow. I just got spooked about the survivability of the old shows. Creating a HD video file for archiving has been part of my process but just in recent years.
  2. Yes, I do get the 'More' for all those shows and they run fine. As I said, these are old shows. Ver7.?.?. No 'More' and just won't run. It's funny though because I just went back to my very first PTE show,which, believe it or not, was created in August 2006, and it does run. [edit] In fact I just created a show with version 7.5.10 and it runs, so I'm stuck for explanations.
  3. That used to be the case. Don't get 'More' anymore and run as administrator makes no difference. I've also gone into File Properties and tried all the security and compatibility options.
  4. Long time PTE user with some old *.exe files. I get 'This app can't run on your PC' on these now on my Windows 10 PC. Is there a work around to get those original *.exe files working? Thanks
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