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  1. @jkb Many thanks Jill. Appreciate your quick response.
  2. Hi is it possible to change the Axis point of the selected pic from center (which is circled in white in the attachment) when you are rotating in the Animation tab? currently the pic rotates from the center, where as I need customize the rotation axis point either to far left, right, bottom or top in the selected pic's bounding box is this possible to achieve? Any assistance is much appreciated.
  3. I am delighted to let you all know I achieved this effect just as in the YouTube link I posted requesting help. I followed Barry Beckham's video tutorials in animation and got the effect made, thank you Barry! It's a great sense of achievement for me. Now I could use this experience in different projects to have a professional look to my work.
  4. Hi Ji, This worked for me, many thanks for your support.
  5. Hi Can anyone please let me know if the first six seconds of the below video link could be created in PTE AV Pro under animation ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GG_zo8Gs2k4 I am challenging myself to do it, any help is much appreciated. Hi this is how close I got to it, I need to make it appear one by one like in that YouTube link video, any advise to doing this is much appreciated.
  6. Hi Ji, thanks for the information. I shall check it out.
  7. Hi Igor, I downloaded a project ( ) from Bad Dancer, after unzipping the file how do i incorporate my existing pics to this particular project I downloaded? The effects and transitions really looks good in this project, please help me to resolve this
  8. Hi Barry thank you for your response. I am now following all your tutorials on PTE AVE and have a fair knowledge of how to go about Intros and Outros. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks Igor for your information, I shall surely check your links out.
  10. Hi where could I find modern Intros and Outros for my Slideshow presentations in PTE AV Pro?
  11. Hi is it possible to use Proshow Producer Templates in PTE AV Pro? There is a awesome you tube channel called Bad Dancer which has some cool templates.
  12. Hi can anyone please let me know if PTE AV Studio will be compatible with Windows 11? will this come as a part of a new upgrade version where we will be needing to pay for the upgrade? or will it come for the existing version where we could upgrade? Also I would like to know what is the current windows system requirements to download the PTE AVE Pro? Thank you and look forward to your answers.
  13. Many thanks Tom for your quick response. I shall surely check your links out. This is Javier's YouTube channel Let me know what your thoughts on this, the transition download is in the description.
  14. Hi, I am new to PTE AV 10.5 Is there a online store which I could download transitions, styles and themes for PTE AV? Any online store which PTE AV owns? I have come cross a YouTube channel by the name of Javier where you could download transitions, is it safe to get it from there? Also there is another store called https://diaporashop.com/en/ Is it ok to buy transitions, styles or themes from there? Or please let me know a place which is authorized by wnsoft.com to purchase. Many thanks.
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