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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Can anyone please let me know if the first six seconds of the below video link could be created in PTE AV Pro under animation ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GG_zo8Gs2k4 I am challenging myself to do it, any help is much appreciated. Hi this is how close I got to it, I need to make it appear one by one like in that YouTube link video, any advise to doing this is much appreciated.
  2. Just a very short show with an attempt to animate something I saw at the recent balloon festival in Colorado Springs... Published to Slideshow Club - with explanation. After attending my very first hot-air balloon festival a few weeks ago in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Colorado Lift-Off) I noticed that a number of balloon pilots liked to descend, splash their gondolas gently in the adjacent lake then blast hot air and ascend back to their normal flight. To do photographic justice to this act one would need to either be on the shore adjacent to the lake or in a boat near the touchdown point. I didn't have the opportunity to do either so decided to try and animate this in PTE. The main balloon descends as it comes toward the observer and gently splashes the bottom of the gondola in the relatively still water of the lake. The pilot blasts a jet of hot air and quickly ascends as the ripples from the splash-down begin to spread across the water. He gives another blast of hot air (actual recordings from the festival) to clear the forest trees as he ascends. Two adjacent balloons continue their descent and move toward the observer as the main balloon ascends. Of course there is the reflection of the balloon in the stillness of the lake as it descends, splashes gently then quickly ascends. It was fun animating this to get the gentle splash plus the ripples in the lake moving in all directions and increasing in width and depth over time.. A fun project.. Added a slightly improved version with a bit stronger splash effect and full 1080P HD resolution below the original 720P version Lin
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