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  1. Hallo Lin! Many thanks for your immediate response. Up now I have got the time to work with PTE again and to study your explanation. Yours sincerely Manfred
  2. Hallo Leute! Ich teste gerade PTE 8.0 BETA 6 und möchte einen Audioclip exact plazieren. Wie funktioniert "Customize Audio Clip" "Project Options" "link to slide" ??? Scheint bei mir nicht zu klappen! Gruß Manfred
  3. Many thanks. You are right I can solve my problem among other things with a frame (mask). Mandfred
  4. Many thanks for your reply. Manfred
  5. Hello! Perhaps it is a stupid question or it is explained anywhere. How can i use (copy) only the part inside the frame? Thanks for your help Manfred
  6. Hello! I am looking for a program which can use the PTE-command 'Rename Image File' for all slides. For example slide names: name_C, name_A, name_X to 001 name_C, 002 name_A, 003 name_X and so on Many thank for help mwo_achenbach There are many tools to rename a large amount of files (slides). That's not my problem. The slides (of my example) have complex Objects and Animations and are members of of a slideshow. My solutions was changing one slide after the other by hand with 'Rename Image File'. Now I am look for a scipt or batchtool to automate the process. Sorry the first describtion of my problem was bad. mwo_achenbach
  7. Hello Tom! Many thanks. With your tipp all problems were gone! Sincerely Manfred
  8. Hello fh1805! Many thanks for your prompt response! "Permit control ..." was checked. But I am not interested in using the keyboard. Sincerely Manfred
  9. Hello! I created a slideshow with a complex background music (audacity). Is it possible stop/pause/loop for spoken comments without disturbing the synchronization? Who can help? Many thanks. Manfred
  10. Hello Yachtsman1, many thanks for your immediate reply. Please apologise my bad english. I'd like to show you an example: The origanal picture is imgp0820.jpg (see atachment1). After modifying (Objects and Animation) you can see the "end product" (as screenshot). I'd like to save the picture in the rectangle as .jpg
  11. Hello! Who can help me to save the end product (the slide which I can see running a slideshow) as .jpg after modifying a picture with pan, zoom, rotate and additional comments? Many thanks Manfred
  12. Hello Yachtsman1 and Tom95521! Many thanks for your replies. When I changed some customizing features the spook disappeared. I believe it doesn't make sense to find the reason of my problem! Yours sincerely Manfred
  13. Hello! I want to burn a DVD Video disc. Two days ago it was succesfull. But after modifying the slide show burning does not start! A screenshot will show the problem. Can anyone help? Who has an idea what is wrong? Many thanks! Manfred
  14. Hello nobeefstu! Many thanks for your reply. I am not interested in changing the time of all slides. I am only interested in changing those slides where “Use customized setting for this slide” is not crossed! These slides have an customized value of time, which can not be changed. All other slides have an default value; for example 15,0. This is the value I want to change! Many thanks Manfred
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