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  1. Sorted thanks, using the shortcut method. I read the manual on P81, but couldn't work out how to do it. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks nobeefstu for an excellent explaination. Think I might have tried every possible combination except this one... Tried it and got it working thanks.
  3. nobeefstu says Just create a short-cut file(s) of your slideshow(s). Right-click the short-cut file and select Properties | Shortcut tab. Enter/Edit the -display 2 command at the end of the Target filestring. Play the shortcut file to see the slideshow on display 2 Have tried this but windows just says not valid file path... Any Ideas anyone
  4. Is there a way to make your sequences show on the secondary monitor of a PC. Reading the Manual it mentions BAT files, but doesnt explain how to do this. Whatever I try they always show on the primary monitor. Can anyone help? Graham
  5. The UN National AV championships are being held this September in Sutton Bonnington. The championships are open to all UK workers. For More information go to www.navc.org.uk Graham
  6. Thanks Andrew, will try this Graham
  7. I am using both a PC and a laptop with dual monitor set-ups. I regularly use them with a projector connected to the 2nd monitor output. If I open a PTE show on the second monitor, it displays on the primary monitor. Is there a way to get it to show on the secondary monitor. Have tried setting up a powerpoint presentation and created hyperlinks. The powerpoint displays correctly on the 2nd monitor, but when I click on PTE show it shows on primary monitor. ANY IDEAS anyone
  8. Has anyone experienced problems playing a sequence back on Windows ME machines? I have just upgraded from an old ME PC to a new XP home machine (SP2 installed). A sequence created on the new PC will not play back on either of 2 WinME machines I have tried. I get an error message saying; "Exception EAccess Violation in module VMCORE.DLL at000074E3" The sequence was created using an MP3 soundtrack and jpeg picture files.
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