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  1. Have a look at this topic
  2. Thanks for the information, it's much appreciated Geoff
  3. Thanks macian, if the menu system is produced on a windows system the format is Run Slideshow with return "Myshow.exe" is this the same on a mac or does the "Myshow.pteav" part need any reference to the Mac slideshow player? Many thanks Geoff
  4. Does a menu system with run and return work on Mac computers? Geoff
  5. Thanks Dave I'd no idea that was a user choice Geoff
  6. I've noticed that if a rectangle is added in the O&A window if you click on it to drag it into position all of the boundary indicators disappear making positioning more difficult in my opinion, unless I'm missing something, has anyone else noticed this? Geoff
  7. Thanks davegee must be something peculiar to me the although goodness knows what I've tried all sorts of things and always get the same result. Update It's something to do with the formatting of the original word document I'm copying from as it doesn't happen when copy and pasting from a plain text document, so my problem and nothing to do with PTE :-)
  8. Hi Jill I always make sure that I only copy the characters needed. I would suggest that it probably is adding that line but it's only noticeable if you have a text shadow attached to the text object. I use cove - shallow. If after copying and pasting two lines of text into the text entry window the cursor is flashing under the second line then a blank line is being added. If the cursor is below the text hit backspace and you will see the text object shrink by one line. Geoff
  9. When a text object is created in the O&A window, if the word text is selected and over written with copied and paste text it always seems to add an extra blank line which has to be removed with the backspace key. Is there any way to stop that extra line being added please? PTE AV Studio 10.5.1 Geoff
  10. Many thanks Igor works really well, you and the team have done a great job with version 10.5. Regards Geoff
  11. Congratulations to Igor and the team on PTE AV Studio 10.5 My question is if a slideshow is output as a Mac version from windows PTE AV Studio 10.5, is it possible to play that mac output on a windows PC for checking purposes with a player similar to the Mac one. Thanks Geoff
  12. Thanks for the info, so am I correct in assuming that motion blur has no benefit for slideshows that contain just still images and no video content that are output to MP4? Thanks Geoff
  13. When should or shouldn't motion blur be used when outputting to MP4 files?
  14. Hi sanpier you will certainly not regret choosing PTE AV Studio Pro. Igor and the team at Wnsoft have created the best AV software on the market and you'll find the help and support given by them to PTE users is second to none
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