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  1. denisb, thank you, this is not a bad idea. But I would like to see a solution right in PTE. For now, I open the project in Audition and see where the problems are.
  2. I have a lot of different audio clips in my project and I see that there is no way to visually align them in volume. No level meter, no RMS measurement, only my ears. How to do it right way?
  3. davegee, thank you, you're very kind. The landscape reminds me of the Northern Wales I've been long ago. Yes, the principle is correct. I'm just affraid that clicking on the specific zones on the screen is not as comfortable as pushing keys. Anyway I would appreciate if you show me the source code.
  4. davegee, I should try it. But I'm afraid I do not really understand the meaning of "using hyperlinks instead of the arrow buttons and having two shows in one".
  5. I am not familiar to PTE enough to estimate davegee's idea, but if "two shows in one" means that we must keep two copies of every picture - it's not the proper way.
  6. Stepping or playing - if we talk about a sequence of frames, I see no difference. By the way, digital video is a sequence of frames, just as digital audio is a sequence of samples, and they can be played in reverse as well with the help of special software. But our case is somewhat different.
  7. Sometimes I need my show to play backward when I press PageUp and I want the transition effect to change respectively. Say, I'm simulating a real book and choose "Curling of page" from right to left. But when I turn pages backward I need them to curl from left to right. Another example - I'm simulating a film-strip and choose effect "Push" from bottom to top. But if I decide to look at the previous frame again I want effect to push from top to bottom.
  8. О да, спасибо. Прошу прощения, если эти мысли уже звучали на форуме, но мой английский не настолько развит, чтобы проштудировать весь форум. - На шкале синхронизации ошибка: "расставить слайды по музыки" вместо "по музыке". - Хорошо бы иметь возможность отключать в окне предпросмотра растягивание картинок. Ведь слайды могут быть и очень маленького размера, а там они автоматически растягиваются на всё окно. - Нет возможности настроить одинаковое положение или наклон картинок для всех слайдов разом - а это бывает нужно. - Сейчас эффекты применяются ко всему экрану, включая фон. Особенно это заме
  9. I've just purchased PTE 5.52. Thank you for this excellent program. I have a number of suggestions for future versions and I found some mistakes in Russian version, but I did not find any support in Russian, in spite of Russian developers of the program. No forum, no e-mail. Is it a kind of discrimination? I guess, many Russian users of PTE don’t speak English.
  10. Until now I have real problem with synchronization. 1. If my slide-show doesn't contain any sound - PTE doesn't show its total duration, though this is need-to-know information. Right? 2. For instance, every odd slide has 10 seconds duration (it is project option) and every even one has 2 seconds duration (it is custom option). Now I add music file and try to see what I got. But when I click "Add arranged points", all the slides forget their previous duration and spread evenly. So I can't be sured that the last slide coincided with the end of music.
  11. I meant that I need to jump to ANY place of slide-show immediately as I do in usual movie-player.
  12. It's exactly the way I use at the moment, but I meant that all the same could be made as one more effect. For instance, if I have 300 pictures in my slide-show then I have to insert 300 blank (black etc.) pictures...
  13. I found useful to add some possibilities such as: 1. Scrolling forward and backwards to any point of show, keeping music synchronized. 2. Very simple but very often needed effect such as fade out to black (or any other color) and then fade in to next slide.
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