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  1. Ok, I have sorted it. I downloaded the latest update for windows 10 KB4537572 and now it works. thanks
  2. Hello Igor, 1. It happened the first time I pressed the button whilst in the main screen. It is either the main screen 2. 10.0.10 64bit build 10. running on 3. windows 10 pro last updated 15/ 04/2020 which was before the pictures update 4. Yes does the same with the sample project, if I press F4 or the triangle the programme closes regardless if in slides or timeline. 5. if I try from the dropdown setting menu I get the first two slides filling the screen and the menu tree still showing. see attached idofout print screen F4.docx
  3. Just tried the little triangle by the slides and timeline button and that closes down the programme as well.
  4. Since the last update for Studio 10 Pro the F4 button closes down the programme instead of going to screen where you can see all of the pictures imported, and shuffle them about. BUT this seems to happen only in projects made before the update, any new ones work ok
  5. I am looking for any advise for the production of a show (which will probably not have any music or commentary involved) that will be reproduced in bulk on either CD or DVD. Are they any steps or pointers that should be taken to ensure good reproduction. And if possible any companies that would be recommended by members of the forum. I am based in the UK so would be looking for a company in the UK.
  6. When I type in the text the letters appear and then disappear. Not every letter, C X D and numbers so far. If I look in the proporties box the letters are there but not on the slide. If I change the text colour or size they reappear and then disappear again. I have restarted the programme, rebooted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled the programme. Re-installing seemed to work but then it started all over again. no other programmes are affected and it does not seem to be happening on my other computer just the one I use as my main machine. When I have used the other computer to add text, all seems ok until I open up the same file on my main machine and lo and behold the letters are missing again. Have also run malware and virus checker, nothing showed up.
  7. Can I link a spreadsheet to picture to exe to generate templates that I can use to automatically fill with title, author name, club name? I wish to add text to all of the slides that I put into a show (AV of other peoples slides for a photographic exhibition) I have looked at the templates but that solution does not work as it looks at information from the image filename, which in my case is very long and generated by other software that is used for judging the images eg title of exhibition/section/image/number.
  8. Sorry we more strange. when I move the frame to the outer edges of the slide the same thing happens, 90 degrees is not at right angles to the screen but about 10 degrees out.
  9. Sorry if this is an old question, Why when I want to rotate an image using the 3D parameters, I type in 90 is the image not at right angles to the screen, the same goes for 270. However, if I type in 180 or 360 everything is as it should be a flipped image or a complete rotation back to the start. When I use a frame around the image it works perfectly, so whats the difference?
  10. I have just downloaded 6.5 and see that you can now edit sound tracks within the programme BUT can not find any instructions?
  11. Many people are using Pictures to Exe to make show for photographic exhibitions, and like to show the title of the image and author with the image. The only way I have found for adding the titles and suthors name to the image as they go through is to type each one individually. I have tried importing the name but as soon as you want to edit the it, the words change to the original template and I have to over type what I what. So is there a way of getting titles into a show on individual images, that can be edited.
  12. I have moved my image files from one drive to another because of space. How can I update this information the path in a current presentation and can I do all of the images in one go or will I have to do each one individually?
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