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  1. Am wanting to create a slide show based on one constant which would be as following:- Each image would have a duration of 10 secs, but for the first 4 seconds the image would be faded out and the title of the image shown. Both the title and the fading would cease after 4 seconds What is the best way to set this up so that it can be repeated many times and so that a new image and title can be used for each slide Do I need to create a template or is there a better way? Ian
  2. To answer Potwnc the original images were raw at 22 mb or thereabouts and were converted to JPEG. The images are of a sunrise over about an hour. Two of the slides are seriously zoomed in on and are the only ones that I notice a slight decrease in quality at the lower resolution. I will take your advice and leave those two the resolution they are as taken in camera. I will be super positive and assume that the competition organisers are running good equipment. I can understand the requirement for the need for correct image size when simply using the projector to project each individual image, but when it is a slideshow created through a slideshow programme in my Pictures to Exe I think a rule stipulating image size is a little bit stupid. Just about everyone who has responded to my original post seems to back me up on this which I have found very helpful. It also obvious to me that there is a lot of confusion and difference of opinion on the whole topic which makes me feel a bit better. Didn't know if I was airing my ignorance or raising a valid concern
  3. Well I certainly stirred up some discussion on this one all of which I found very helpful and interesting. I will take on board the general advice that it is better to downsize to the correct size rather than let the projector do it and I accept that quality will not be impaired at the lower resolution when viewed through a projector on to a scsreen. What I do notice though is that a difference in quality shows on my monitor with the downsized files although not significant. For that reason I wanted to keep the show in PTE at the higher resolution so that if I still wanted to make changes I still could in the higher resolution and then the .exe file will have higher resolution. Lin Evans explained how to do this and have both without losing the settings. Seems easy enough. Hope it works
  4. Appreciate your comments. The slideshow I will be entering in a competition the rules of which state that resolution must be 1024x768. My slideshow only has 9 images, runs for 4 minutes and has very slow and non complicated animations and transitions with a single audio track. Doubt they would have any problems with showing it on a good quality projector and laptop. But, who knows. In light of your reply I will contacting the organisers of the competition. I will reluctantly lower the resolution of each image. Is there any way I can change the resolution, but still come back to the higher resolution without having to set up all the settings again with the design process. Its easy enough to create two .exe files with two different resolutions, but how can I do the same with the PTE file?
  5. My finished slideshow is 60mb using image size of 5616x3744 as taken by the camera. It runs perfectly fine on my computer and would prefer not to reduce the file size for reasons of image quality. However, keeping in mind that the show will need to be played on a multi media projector capable of e.g. 1920x1080 is it necessary to make the file size the same for the projector to show the images correctly?? My experience in the past I am fairly certain is that the multi media projector will take an .exe file and play it correctly regardless of individual image size. If that is the case then the reason for downsizing resolution would only be to keep the total MB size of the show smaller and possibly enable smoother running if that is a problem.
  6. Appreciate your help, but don't understand really. BBDigital I downloaded the files you have sent, but they make little sense I'm sorry. I got the impression there was a template you were sending, but it no where that I can see in the Zip Files and I have opened them all. DaveGee your idea needs a bit more elaboration. I think I can see what it is your are meaning, but a little bit more detail might hopefully help me to make this work. You both seem to understand what I am trying to achieve which is great
  7. I have finished a slide show which I will be entering into a competition. The rules state that there should be an introduction. I just want to insert a slide at the beginning, but do not want to change the settings or timing of the main show. It will just be there for say 10 seconds with no music and then the main show will start. Is there a way of doing this?
  8. Thanks for that. Very helpful
  9. Is it possible to fade in and fade out text
  10. That is really helpful. I didn't realise it was that simple. Haven't tried it yet, but yes you understood my question. Thanks also to 'Yachtsman' for his reply.
  11. Is there any way a slide can be started e.g. almost faded out and made to gradually increase in strength of lighting over the time allocated to the slide
  12. Did that and made very sure it is pointing in the right direction. When I am saving after clicking save as the files are all there, but with a big padlock beside them have no idea what that is.
  13. I can create an exe file which runs okay when clicked on, but the PTE file which I save in my slideshow folder shows when saving, but when I later go to that folder my slideshow is not there and can only bring it up if I go to Recent Files in main programme
  14. Just wondering how you can run a slideshow with normal shots and have some video clips in amongst them which run seamlessly within the same slideshow
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