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  1. I often find myself using a stopwatch to count and time the beats of an audio track, calculate the bpm and duration of the measures and then adjust the slide duration to it, starting the first slide with the first beat. This could be automated, either by just displaying the bpm / time per measure info in the interface and leaving the adjustment to the user, or by selecting an audio track and some sligts and offering a "match to beat" function. Here some insights and code on how to find the bpm programmatically: https://github.com/chrvadala/music-beat-detector
  2. I'd love to support this. Basics could be trim beginning (already works) trim end split These can be simulated right now, e.g. by adding a filler slide, dragging back the end in the timeline view and then deleting the filler slide again to trim the end - but obviously that's only complicating things for the user. Multiple video tracks would obviously be great, but that feels like a bigger step than the basic operations.
  3. Problem solved I now received a second email (which ended up in the spam folder to make things worse). It had the attachment with the licence key and also some regedit entries at the bottom which a savvy user probably could enter into the registry by hand (seems a bit strange to me). Anyway, with the attachment I was able to register PTE. I would really advise WnSoft to publish a proper FAQ on their website about this cumbersome process and also to be more clear about it in their first confirmation email. kongo09
  4. It is certainly easier to get an illegal crack for PTE than to buy the software. Ron, thanks so much! I already feel welcome here with such nice and swift replies. Hopefully, I can get this resolved quickly and eventually be able to give back. kongo09
  5. This is my confirmation mail from WnSoft. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this: I tried to use the order ID as licence key, but that doesn't work.
  6. Sorry, maybe my question was not really clear. The software was installed alright. Yes, it is on the C drive as expected. I also find the dialog that asks for the registration key. Well, and this is the bit that doesn't work. There is no key string from the email! I don't have that. Where would I find that? I have a confirmation mail, but it does not contain any key string or the like.
  7. I ordered PTE online and paid at RegNow. Shortly after, I received a confirmation email from orders@wnsoft.com confirming the order and providing a download link. The download link gives access to a zip file with an installer and two rtf readme files inside. The installer seems to install only the demo version and it keeps asking for registration information. However, I have no clue where I should have received the licence key. It is definitely not part of that confirmation email I received. I read in this forum that for some people there is some text included in the email, for some there is an attachment. My email unfortunately doesn't have any attachment or licence text included. So now I'm pretty stuck. It is now 2 hours past the order so there is also no second or follow-up email with the licence. Is this software bogus? Should I cancel my credit card?
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