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  1. Using 10.0.14 I am working in Timeline view, changing transition times and moving position of the some slides, the program locks up completely and nothing works with the mouse - all you can do is to close the program. The Undo and Redo buttons do not work but I have then found that Control +Z allows me to step back until the program starts working again. Has anyone else experienced this problem??
  2. Avast Virus Checker didn't like the downloading .exe file but eventually agreed it was ok!
  3. For sound - your ears are best at judging this rather than sitting watching a VU meter. You talk of different audio clips in your sequence - then adjust them by listening to what is important - if something jars - then adjust it. If you are talking about the overall sound level - we occasionally get sequences into competitions which are either higher or lower than the normal - but these are adjusted when shown to what is the average level of all sequences. One easy way to get this level is to play a few CD's until you get an idea of the sound level - then make yours the same. Obviousl
  4. You could of course hit the space bar to stop the playback
  5. Will it ever be possible for the number of video tracks to be increased and be edited in just the same as the audio. ie can the video be cut at both ends and users have the ability to add in more tracks?
  6. Hi Rob, We have found that we can successfully teach members of camera clubs how to do most things within AV Studio in just a couple of hours. Maybe post what you are trying to achieve within your sequence and then somebody will no doubt be able to tell you how to do it. John
  7. 'It's a brand new laptop so the drivers will be the latest' Not necessarily - when I got my new laptop there were many many updates to drivers - the machines are often built a long time before they are sold and so they are often not the latest!!
  8. Hi Igor, Downloaded and tried and it did the same fault again - it circled and then screen went white and I had to shut it down. Decided to screen record it so that I could show you - and of course it would not do it again!!! Will keep trying. This is on my main Windows 8.1 machine.
  9. This does sound like the problem that I experienced the other day whilst moving sound files around on the timeline
  10. Hi Igor, Apologies for the delay in replying. Yes I was working in 10.0.1. I managed to finish the bit I was working on by keep saving the project - just in case.
  11. Strange fault that occurred three times this evening. I have a 7 minute video clip that runs with its own sound track. I was trying to add some very small sound clips on separate channels and as I tried to move them suddenly the screen went white and froze. There was no 'exception error' - just the circling icon. I waited It did not recover so I had to close the program down and of course lost all the work that I was doing. Has anyone else had this? John
  12. Hi Igor, It was a main object, the slide duration did not change and the video clip was not trimmed. If you did it again - sometimes it did trim. This seems to occur randomly - but I am still testing.
  13. Hi Igor - yes it appears to be much more accurate now. Just occasionally I have found that it doesn't always shorten the clip - but after a couple of tries - it does. I will try and see if there is a pattern to that or if I can reproduce it. Being able to edit in the timeline view is a vast improvement. Is it ever going to be possible to just drag the front edge or is that a major coding problem? Thanks for all the work you are doing. John
  14. Further testing and I think the leaving more of the clip in than planned is because of the dissolve in - a snap change and it starts as expected. With the dissolve in it allows for the dissolve before it gets to the point you planned it to start. Definitely a big improvement - well done.
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