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  1. For anyone who is curious... (Please see the included link below - to view an excerpt of the effect using PTE). This is a draft preview follow-up to a previous storyboard conceptual that was posted in the forum for a presentation that ultimately will be presented on a wide-screen (4K) projection system for a series of California (Alta California) live lectures using PTE (currently 9.0.8) as the core delivery engine. In this instance, the purpose of this preview is to gain some perspective as to the proposed storyline as well as an initial DRAFT of an experimental effect involving a series of flags from the period presented. Chumash - Spain - New Spain - Mexico and the United States. The flag sequences were created in After Effects using Video Copilot Element 3D composited on a "Green" screen. The imagery (video) was then moved to Reallusion's PopVideo to create a TRANSPARENT (ChromaKey) backdrop for the purpose of isolating the flag sequences and overlay their contents on a main stage within PTE. The final (ROUGH) sequence is available here: http://www.mgg-web.com/pte_preview/flags was further processed with the controls within PTE (objects and animation) for the result shown. Again, these are a series of rough conceptuals. This piece is about 2 minutes and 15 seconds in duration. The actual completed piece will use a slightly different flag perspective and animation sequence, but I thought I would share some of the preliminary design concepts with others here to provide some visual indication of the power and versatility of the PTE package. It can do so much more than just static imagery and transitions. I highly urge anyone who has a similar interest or need to create visual presentations, to give serious consideration to the PTE product. It is the PREMIUM STANDARD for such applications and Igor and his team continue to raise the bar with each release. The purpose of the completed lecture series that will incorporate all of the PTE created videos is to promote a book that is currently being published about the history of Santa Barbara (California) and the surrounding region. These lectures will be presented in a number of venues including museums and campus auditoriums. The illustrations (shown) were created (drawn) with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD Graphic Tablet (and pen) using Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop CS / CC software. FX Designer
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