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  1. Thanks Lin, I always look forward to your opinion and insight. What I am posting here are really, works in progress (out loud thinking of creative storyboards). I don't post every update, but when it has progressed (at least in my mind) enough - I make any effort to share with other PTE users. Core elements have remained, but as we have moved forward, we are pushing the envelope in terms of visual animation and PTE. Like anything else - some things work well, others not so much - compromise is key. We strive for the near impossible, which in turn offers solutions to the possible. &l
  2. Tauratinzwe, I'm glad you liked the brief sample. PTE is what is remarkable here. The sample comp referenced is a combination of stills, converted Flash elements, stand-alone objects and select text effects (again, in some instances Flash-based when originally authored). There is also a couple video clips thrown in to spice the FX up and of course as previously mentioned overlays, multiple layers, chroma-key elements, keyframes, timing elements, scaling, zooming, opacity values and several audio tracks. It is fairly labor intensive, but worth the effort and PTE 9 makes the project fu
  3. Hello all, A few months ago - I posted some chromakey /mask / alpha examples of an upcoming presentation for promotion / lecture of a new history book (California). The book has been published and we are doing some after market promo design for presentation at various venues including education and museum locations. To help facilitate the presentation work, we are using PTE 9 for USB / Computer / web presentations, as well as HD (1920 x 1080) video (H.264 / H.265 ) output for use on Flat Screens and Projection systems (on site). We are developing a series of "module shorts" as well a
  4. To all who have offered a comment... I appreciate the comments and you taking the time to make your opinions known. They are indeed welcomed. The intent of this small sample, was to highlight the obtainable PTE effect used for the flags (Chromakey / Alpha Channel / Transition) - this sample is NOT a completed piece, but rather an example of the capabilities of PTE used in a real-world scenario. It was meant to emphasize the transparency ability within PTE and object layering. Regarding the suggestion to making the flags smaller - while it may not indicate it in this unpolished pre
  5. Thanks Lin... AS mentioned this is a preliminary (1st and 2nd storyboard draft) - I will share with you a finished product when it is completed for your review. FX Designer
  6. For anyone who is curious... (Please see the included link below - to view an excerpt of the effect using PTE). This is a draft preview follow-up to a previous storyboard conceptual that was posted in the forum for a presentation that ultimately will be presented on a wide-screen (4K) projection system for a series of California (Alta California) live lectures using PTE (currently 9.0.8) as the core delivery engine. In this instance, the purpose of this preview is to gain some perspective as to the proposed storyline as well as an initial DRAFT of an experimental effect involving a s
  7. Hi Lin,

    I wanted to follow up with you briefly regarding Particle Illusion. Personally, it is a software that I really enjoyed working with (and still do). As mentioned on another part of the WnSoft forum - GenArts is now part of the Boris FX family.

    Equally interesting is the fact Alan Lorence, the original author and developer of this very versatile particle system software has totally stepped away from software design as a main focal point of his professional career << more on that in a moment.

    A great talent and visionary, PI was cutting edge a number of years ago. As with other products in the computer world - change and evolution overtook this top-notch 2D particle system with more robust (and steep learning curve) 3D systems.

    For guys like me, I "dabble" - I'm proficient enough to have been productive and actually made a living (semi-retired, now) from this and products similar to it for a number of years. Today, I share my so-called talent in only a small arena and generally only on a special request basis. 

    Not quite out to pasture yet, but nevertheless slowing down to enjoy some other things in life.

    Getting back to Alan and what he is up to... He too, has totally changed his focus. He resides in the St. Louis, MO area and of all things - designs and builds custom furniture with his own brand called, Nimble Mill - he is a ONE-man operation - doing what he truly enjoys - without the pressure of deadlines and project headaches.

    I also wanted to thank you for your encouragement regarding my current project (re: An Illustrated History of Santa Barbara) - I was originally commissioned to do just a few illustrations and the next thing I knew - I was roped into a total rewrite and new design concept for a Coffee Table style book. 

    Three + years in the making, the final technical touches are being applied with a ship date to the publisher within the next couple of weeks. Being that you are familiar with the Santa Barbara area, you might find the material and subject matter included to be of some interest to you. When we actually have the finished products in-house, let me know a good mailing address and I will send you a complimentary copy of both the book and the companion At-A-Glance guide. If all goes to plan - we anticipate the published book to be available to the general public sometime between the end of May (2017) and mid-June.

    I will keep you in mind - and will let you know when it is here. It is just a very small way to express my gratitude to you for some of the insight you have provided (and I have tapped into over the years (with PTE)).

    FX Designer

  8. Not sure of the approach here. 1. I want to place a blank slide. (OK) 2. I want to ADD 3 independent objects on that slide (via objects & animation tab) (OK) 3. I want EACH object to be in a sequence BUT independent of each other ON THE SAME SLIDE. (by default they are linked - need to be independent object(s)) 4. Each segment needs to rotate slightly and fall (as in tumbling) to simulate a collapse When I try to do this the hierarchy LINKS the objects together by default. Is it possible to have the animation of each be only as a parent object and not a child of that parent?
  9. If you follow this link: http://www.mgg-web.com/pte_preview There is a PTE video sample made with PTE 9.0.7 that is announcing a new book and lecture series on the History of Santa Barbara (USA). This excerpt includes an introduction to the series - this intro is 1:48 in length. The sampler is downsized for internet connectivity, but there are 4 examples of the actual output size as stills available for viewing. PTE was a perfect solution for this application. These are COMP CONCEPTUALS and are not considered to be the final product. The final output (for display via a projection s
  10. Hi Lin, When we are near completion, I will provide a link to you - to view our effort. regards, FX Designer
  11. Lin, Just a quick follow-up. I did a very down and dirty test in a scaled down version and using the matte container of PTE the end result was satisfactory. With a little refinement, it should meet our needs for a video presentation regarding the 1925 earthquake in Santa Barbara, CA that measured 6.3 - 6.8. I am using Particle Illusion to create both a water flow deluge (regarding a hotel tower collapse - the Arlington*, due to a 50,000 gal. water tank (concealed in the tower), bursting - for a documentary and museum kiosk video) and subsequent debris flow of concrete, brick, timber
  12. Thanks Lin - I appreciate very much your perspective. I'll let you know how things work out regarding this project. regards, FX Designer
  13. Thank you, Igor and Lin - I appreciate the feedback. I fully understand the reasoning regarding your responses to my inquiry. Igor - I look forward to the future updates... Lin - unfortunately not all machines are created equal - I am currently using both Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) and Windows 10 and the Huffyuv codec doesn't work - I have a Windows XP SP3 unit that I still use for specific instances and the Huffyuv codec performs fine. Regarding the Particle Illusion comments - yes, you can still purchase it or download the demo - but as I said, it is NOT supported any longer by GenAr
  14. Using PTE 9.0.5 - I want to include video objects (animation) with Alpha Channel support (inclusion) - In reading the help file (online version) there are references to this ability - but the version covered is PTE 8 and the use of software (Particle Illusion by Wondertouch/GenArts) and the Huffyuv 2+ codec which supports videos with transparency. Both Particle Illusion (2014) and the Huffyuv codec (2003) are obsolete / not supported any longer / not available / incompatible with today's OS (Windows 7+). Reallusion has a product called PopVideo (3.01) that supports Alpha Channe
  15. Ok DG - I see it now - what I needed to do was change the option: (custom) 'video mode' from quality to bit rate and then it appears (2 pass encoding). Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It is appreciated. FX Designer
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