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  1. In this video, I show some of the steps of an exercise, to transform a flat image to a polyhedron. It is not a tutorial, nor is it fully adjusted MUR It is in Slideshowclub
  2. Hello am Wilfred Omboga from Kenya, and will wish to know how to burn eXe content into CD that isn't retrievable by other users for commercial purposes. Secondly whether exe content saved on CD or DVD can play in flat screen for those who don't have PCs or laptops? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  3. I asked Barry Beckham create a new Promo video about PTE AV Studio 10. Please rate this video and add comments on YouTube to help me promote PTE AV Studio on YouTube.
  4. Hi, I recorded a video which shows all main features of PTE AV Studio 10:
  5. I am new to PicturestoExe so I apologize for what may be another basic question. I am trying to include a video file in my slide show, but the resulting display is very jerky. I have a new PC, so I don't think the PC performance is an issue. Is there special processing or conversion that I need to perform to normally use video in slide shows? Can anyone provide some insight or suggestions please. Thanks in advance.
  6. Who has a best or favorite way of making a video (.mp4, etc.) from original .exe file produced by early versions of Pictures To Exe, before publishing a video was an in-software option? I do not have the original .pte file, nor feasible access to my original photos.
  7. I have a nine minute PTE that runs fine as .exe file. When I try to publish as .mp4, the encoding meter stops at 99.9% and "remaining time" stops at 3 or 4 seconds, and the elapsed time keeps going until I give up (several tries). When I terminate PTE program, I can find the attempted .mp4 file, but it is very reluctant to play, even with several different video players that I normally use. If I get the troubled .mp4 to play, the sound is not complete. The presentation contains audio tracks added as .mp3 files, and the sound tracks of the videos that are slides in the PTE project. The mp3 tracks play properly, but the video tracks are not heard at all. It seems that the video sound may be what is causing the PTE video encoding to fail? Additional background: I had first made this PTE presentation in 2011. I was very glad to find my 2011 template, which allowed me today to make very minor edits on a coupld of still images, and I ran the PTE converter on the videos. All of which resulted in a very smooth running .exe, but will not produce the .mp4 file I need to share with the world. I think there has been similar problems posted in the past, but I can not find any in searching this forum today. This project is more urgent than most for me and I quick solution would be so appreciated!
  8. I finally found a quick, easy method to do some basic video editing that I like a lot. This will open up video use in P2E for me. http://www.diyphotography.net/know-can-colour-grade-edit-videos-adobe-lightroom/ Barry--please create a tutorial on this!
  9. I've added a number of video clips with audio. When I play the sequence in the normal view it plays fine but when I either play full screen or after I have saved it as either a low or high res file it stops and always at the same points. it does the same even without the audio track added. I'm using version 9.0.10
  10. Using PTE 9.0.5 - I want to include video objects (animation) with Alpha Channel support (inclusion) - In reading the help file (online version) there are references to this ability - but the version covered is PTE 8 and the use of software (Particle Illusion by Wondertouch/GenArts) and the Huffyuv 2+ codec which supports videos with transparency. Both Particle Illusion (2014) and the Huffyuv codec (2003) are obsolete / not supported any longer / not available / incompatible with today's OS (Windows 7+). Reallusion has a product called PopVideo (3.01) that supports Alpha Channel / transparent background video - BUT.... When trying to insert one of the Alpha Channel videos (MOV - ProRES) into PTE 9.0.5 - using objects / animation options - PTE displays a msg. >> Video (by file name) cannot be found and refuses to insert a working and recognized video format when using other video authoring tools and/or players (Quicktime, VLC, MPC-HC 32/64 bit players among others). While I have a PLAN B that will work as an alternative method - it is much more time consuming when compared with being able to insert a completed video with Alpha Channel capabilities already compiled. (Plan B includes using a Background image merged with pre-rendered foreground layered transparent / translucent objects or PNG / GIF still sequences compiled into a series of conventional videos known to be compatible with PTE). I have tried using PTE's ChromaKey option - and while it works to some degree - it doesn't offer the refinement of edges or the fine tuning of both luminosity or transparency / obscuration values of objects like smoke, fog, snow, rain, beams of light or similar type particle objects. Does anyone have any insight as to a solution / support / inclusion of Alpha Channel video for use in PTE 9.0.5+ ? I have seen a few videos with samples that included a Particle Illusion element or series of elements - but it is not a viable option in terms of current OS systems and PTE. If someone has an opinion, I would welcome your perspective. Thank you. (I can use and own After Effects / Photoshop / Illustrator / Flash << almost obsolete as well, in addition to owning both a version of Particle Illusion (3.0.9) as a standalone application and plugin for After Effects and Reallusion PopVideo 3.01) - I just was hoping for a more direct approach from within the GUI of PTE. regards, FX Designer
  11. When I import a video clip created in Moviemaker into P2E the aspect ratio changes from 4:3 to 16:9. Optimisation makes no difference. How can I prevent this from happening? Thank you for your help
  12. Greetings, I am still trying to figure out all of the variable that one must deal with when using video in PTE (bit rate, frame rate, codec, etc.). Igor recommends “to work with converted video files, because original MP4 video in H.264 is ‘heavy’ for PTE.” Lin has said “…The conversion by PTE to AVI is done to make it much, much easier on the resources of a system when creating an executable file. Because MP4's are fairly highly compressed, to play them as executable they must first be uncompressed in the system then played. This frequently makes for jerky playback because it's a strain on system resources. …You have the option of creating an AVI rather than an MP4. …I use Microsoft MPEG 4 Video Codec - PTE doesn't ask to convert it.” My videos start out as MOVs and then I have been converting them (using an outside program) to a smaller MP4 format with a bit rate of about 4 Mbps. My primary concern is getting the size of the video clip as small as possible that will play well, as an EXE or MP4. The problem, as I see it, with the PTE Convert process, is that it creates a much larger AVI file by bumping up the Bit Rate significantly, for example: 1-PTE Converts an MP4- the size goes from 47Mbs (bit rate 3.9 Mbps) to 135 Mbs (bit rate 11.4 Mbps) 2-PTE Converts an MP4- the size goes from 27 Mbs (bit rate 4.0 Mbps) to 60 Mbs (bit rate 12.6 Mbps) 3-PTE Converts an MP4- the size goes from 117 Mbs (bit rate 4.0 Mbps) to 365 Mbs (bit rate 12.6 Mbps) When Igor says ‘heavy’, is it referring to just the ‘compression’, meaning the ‘codec’ or is it the ‘bit rate’, which increases the size of the video, or is it both? So how do I select a higher compression (smaller file) and reduce the bit rate (smaller file) and still play well? I can use a video converter (Videomiser 2) that will let me choose various HD outputs: HD-AVI (MPG4); HD-MP4 (H.264); HD-MP4 (MPEG4); and HD-MPG (MPEG-2). Each of the above settings will let me select a bit rate down to 2 Mbps, except the MPG2, only 4 Mbps. Another video converter program (Aiseesoft), gives me the following HD choices: HD MPEG-4 (MPG4); HD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (H.264); HD AVI (H.264) Not sure what to select here, but the last one's output is AVI but the lowest bit rate to choose is only 8 Mbps. The problem with the PTE Convert is that you cannot modify the bit rate you want. That is why I prefer to use an outside program to convert (and trim). It has become very necessary to keep the final file size down because the largest file you can upload to the Slideshowclub was 280 Mbs, and now it is down to about 128 Mbs. So, after all of this, should I use an outside program to convert my ‘MOVs’ directly to whichever output is an ‘AVI’ and choose the lowest bit rate that looks acceptable? Gary
  13. Currently I use version PTE version 7.5 to make up presentations which will be displayed via a Canon Xeed projector. This has a resolution of 1400 x 1050. My presentations are mainly stills where I use Photoshop to re-size/crop images to the projector resolution. Increasingly I also like to include video clips. These are HD i.e. 1920 x 1080 in resolution so there needs to be some work done. At the moment I resize from the Video Converter which takes the resolution down to 1280 x 720. This has the obvious limitation that the video no longer fills the screen. So I have been looking at converting the video to the projector resolution beforehand. There are plenty that offer cropping facilities but few do what I want but I found one that did. Looking at the converted videos, Windows Explorer indicates that they are 1400 x 1050. However when I drop them into a PTE presentation they are no longer 1400 x 1050. They have changed to 1408 x 1056. As a result they do not quite fade smoothly from the still image - they have become slightly smaller on screen. (There's a small black margin on the RHS and below the video). This happens irrespective of whether the videos are optimised by PTE. Has anyone any experience of this problem or can comment? Perhaps I have missed something obvious. Many thanks in anticipation. Eric
  14. Hi, Any recommended program which can reverse a video and save it ? What I mean is simply to watch the move from end to start. Thank you boxig
  15. Can someone please tell me how I can fade sound in and out in a video clip
  16. I have a little compact camera, a SONY RX100 that is great to carry around for stills and for video. But the microphones pick up a lot of wind noise, so I experimented to find a way to suppress it. I thought others might find this useful so I put it on YouTube. Of course this little video was all put together with PTE. https://youtu.be/aglggdlDp-Y SG
  17. I made this little sequence as an exercise to see if I could sync several streams of simultaneous video, mask them and animate them. It was also for a mini competition in our club (Wilmslow Guild AV group) that had the brief "Suddenly". It took a while to get the hang of it. Masking and layers seem upside down in PTE if you're used to Photoshop! But what a powerful programme we have in PTE. Marvellous capability! I made a second version that did not have the final part, but just ended suddenly, and I think I prefer that. This is the original. Comments welcome. sg https://youtu.be/S4zJfKbtcak
  18. Hi, I know how to put appearing lines of text over a still image. Have the first line of text on the image, copy image and have the first and second line on the image, copy image for first, second and third line etc. But how do I do this over a video that is playing. I assume that I have to put the text lines on a number of transparent backgrounds. Can this be done within PTE? I tried to find it in the help files but did not find it. Can somebody point me in the right direction please. Thanks, Bert
  19. Some of my PTE shows have a lot of video, and several audio tracks. While playing the sequence with the timeline and small preview window open (see screen shot) I find that PTE does not always stop when I want it to. I press the "pause" icon at bottom left of the preview pane, but PTE carries on running, often for many seconds. It's as though PTE is too busy to take notice of my instruction. Eventually it will stop, usually at the end of a slide (still or video). But sometimes it behaves normally and stops instantly. Maybe something else is running in the background and consuming the PC's resources (virus checker, disc defrag....etc)? Is there another way to force a pause? sg
  20. I have had a number of problems with Pictures to Exe de lux V 8. After a lot of trouble I managed to publish slide shows with videos in the form to use on a computer but when I tried to produce a HD video format to upload to a website, when I was using Windows 7 the program crashed and switched off sometimes causing a blue error screen. I've now changed to Windows 10 and the program still won't complete the production of a video and switches off saying it has encountered a problem. However the computer remained switched on. What can I do about this, has anyone got any idea what can be causing this problem? I have 16 gb of RAM.
  21. I don't suppose it has anything to do with age , but it sure annoys when I think I have done something and can't figure how to do it again in PTE! 1. I can not find the "envelope" control for video soundtrack. I mean the sound of the .avi file I am including in the AV. 2. In one sequence of several still images, I want the soundtrack of an unseen .avi file to continue playing through the specified .jpg's. I'm using Objects and Animation screen but I am finding it unusually clumsy and confusing. I simply want to have the slides appear one at a time, one after another, with the sound of .avi playing underneath. Please, help me bring my mind back into the process.
  22. I am trying to produce Video TS Files but when I do so the directory is left blank. My pte file has a large number of slides in it so is there a maximum size? I have produced an mp4 file successfully and that is 261,309 KB Also the iso I have produced seems to produce one for a CD not a DVD. I am running 8.0.7 Hope you can help. CHRIS
  23. Hello Friends After rendering my slideshow to AVI, the opening slide bears the file name at the bottom of the screen for several seconds. This serves to ruin the mood of my piece. How can I remove it from the convert process? Much obliged for any direction here. Mark
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