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  1. I am trying to add a video clip into a sequence, something I have done successfully before, but am struggling. The clip runs through as a series of static images, but I cannot get the video to play. It is in MP4 format, and when it asks if I want to convert in order to allow smooth playback I have agreed, and saved in same folder, I have also tried saving to a different folder. I usually go into Objects and Animation, click on the video icon, choose file and then close. All the settings are the same as previous successful videos, I have tried it on both my PC and my laptop, with the same result from both. I do hope that you can help
  2. I use pte8 and Windows 10 for talks that I do, sometimes with manual progression and sometimes with auto. The presentations are various lengths andvimaged arec1400 x 1050. By the way, what's O & A?
  3. When trying to preview a project, the space bar seems to work to start the preview but does not work to stop it. I have tried tapping it lightly, using the escape key and nothing happens. Eventually it may stop, but sometimes it goes right to the end before it stops Please can someone tell me how to get the space bar back
  4. Thank you, that's brilliant, easy when you know how. I have asked the question again, before I saw your reply, so please ignore that. Thanks again. One other question, how do I boost the sound in a music track if it is particularly quiet.
  5. Can someone please tell me how I can fade sound in and out in a video clip
  6. Hi I am just getting my head around animation, could someone please help me. I am adding two text slides, but I want the first one to stay on screen when the second one comes in, and then both go off together. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks (
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