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  1. Thank you Igor. I will continue to troubleshoot. It occurs to me, that I noted this problem the next day after a Microsoft update to my Windows 10 (64 bit). Thing that seems so strange to me, is that the large video files load, but the much smaller .jpgs won't.
  2. V10 Beta 27 Igor, this seems very strange behavior of program to me. Please let me know what you think, or how I can help you diagnose this. My photos and video files are on an external HD that is plugged directly into my router. When selecting videos from that HD, the videos load immediately into PTE timeline and will preview just fine. If I try to select still images (.jpg) into PTE from this same HD, the still images take "forever" to show up on PTE timeline. A selected .jpg will eventually show up on timeline, only as gray slide with no actual image visible. Sometimes the .j
  3. Thanks to each of your for the suggestions. I shall now determine which may work best on my setup.
  4. Who has a best or favorite way of making a video (.mp4, etc.) from original .exe file produced by early versions of Pictures To Exe, before publishing a video was an in-software option? I do not have the original .pte file, nor feasible access to my original photos.
  5. It appears the solution is accomplished already for this show. Thanks to Lin Evans and denisb, whose thoughts tweaked mine, I went into Project Options where I noticed the box was checked to "Loop Soundtrack". Removing that check mark, solved the problem! (I have not yet done reverse testing to see if the "looping" would return the problem, or in what circumstances in other shows it might occur. I'm so grateful to have the solution for this presentation, but it does seem it may be bit of logic flaw or bug that Igor can probably solve on a universal basis. Thanks to both of you again, and
  6. Thank you Lin and denisb! I will try your ideas. Of 37 slides in the show, 11 are videos. In the working .exe version, the videos each play their own internal sound, on top of the .mp3 audio files added to the project.
  7. I have a nine minute PTE that runs fine as .exe file. When I try to publish as .mp4, the encoding meter stops at 99.9% and "remaining time" stops at 3 or 4 seconds, and the elapsed time keeps going until I give up (several tries). When I terminate PTE program, I can find the attempted .mp4 file, but it is very reluctant to play, even with several different video players that I normally use. If I get the troubled .mp4 to play, the sound is not complete. The presentation contains audio tracks added as .mp3 files, and the sound tracks of the videos that are slides in the PTE project. The mp3
  8. While assembling a .pte show, with .jpg and video files, I had manually saved the .pte file, and then tried to publish as an .exe file. The progress window hung/froze at 50% progress. I could not cancel the creation of the .exe file, and could not even close down main Pictures to Exe program. Windows 10 "Task Manager" would also not shut down PTE program window. Eventually I had to Exit Windows 10 in normal method and then reboot. Now I can find no trace of the .pte file which I had manually saved. Should I be able to find a "Recovered" version of my .pte file? I did find the title of t
  9. Since using Version 9, I have had two crashes of Pictures To Exe. In both cases, I have be thankful to find the "recovered" PTE has saved me, for the most part. I'm also thankful that I have thought to see if the three sound tracks still were locked after recovery. In both cases, the locked symbol has disappeared from the recovered PTE file. It is easy to lock again Ctrl+L, but only if the user remembers to look. It would be very helpful if the "recover" process could save the lock status. Often for me, the soundtrack positioning is most critical and very easily damaged by my own mistak
  10. Thank you Igor. The Google process is currently very difficult to even find and follow.
  11. I think I have simplified the problem. The Style Cube with any number of slides works fine. Adding any video in place of any or all of the 6 slides = still works fine. Publish as .exe works fine. But try to SAVE results in the described error message. If I temporarily remove the video file, the project saves. If I return the video, the project will not save. It certainly seems that any video used in cube, causes project to not save. Hope this helps.
  12. PTE Version 9 has new instructions (new to me?) about using a special password that Google produces to accommodate such logins via third party like PTE. I finally figured out how to generate the "special" password. To try it, I set up fresh clean Google account and email and got the "special" password generated by Google. I could still not upload direct from PTE. I did same thing twice, new Google accounts, etc., but could not get it to work. If someone has success uploading direct from PTE to Youtube, it would be nice to see a step-by-step video how it works. For years I had enjoyed the
  13. And I had never noticed the "close" button. I have always used the "X" and found it convenient next to the advance to next slide feature by it.
  14. If I use only still images, the style works, and it saves correctly. My problem came with initially two videos and 1 still photo. The style template was on one video, choosing the same video for all six images requested by the style, for the six sides of the cube. Then in Objects and Animations window, I had added the same single video to the O&A that was showing on the cube. Is there something I can send you that could help? In the problem sequence, if I remove the style video from the timeline, the other video and still image will save normally.
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