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  1. Hi Tom, I can see that you have been trying every possible solutions, just like me. I spent last 2 days (fulltime!) trying and testing your suggestions as well as others of my own, but results are zero! I can not imagine what is going on with my PTE project (as normal as usual) because my HD MP4 file (built with bitrate 23000 kbps, as usual) always comes out with average around 23000, but with some peaks from 50000 to 160000 kbps. Problem is that such amount of high peaks turns the reading impossible on my media player or on Bluray player. So, I could not find a way of getting a constant
  2. Hi Tom, Thanks very much, I will try and let you know. Regards, Jose
  3. Hi Igor, I have a problem! I mainly use PTE AV STUDIO PRO 10.0.11 to edit movies, publish respective HD MP4 files, and using other softwares burn respective Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray discs do not allow total bitrate bigger than 48Mbps (with maximum video bitrate 40 Mbps). My movies are mainly Super8 old movies which I send to Germany for a professional frame by frame wet gate digitalization. I receive my digitized clips as MP4 files around 80 MB each, average video bitrate 60Mbps with peaks around 180Mbps. After editing in PTE, when publishing at 23000Kbps, HD MP4 files are around
  4. Igor, Thanks again, yes, I followed the article and did as it is told, but things kept the same. In AMD Radeon Control Panel (now called AMD Radeon Software - Adrenalin 2020 Edition) there is no way to change performance, neither to switch graphics). As you suggest, problem could be dust inside cooling system, I will check this soon. Best regards, Jose
  5. Hi Tom, My laptop is CLEVO P170SM (August 2013) and I always use it plugged in (battery does not charge anymore). BIOS does not allow to disable integrated INTEL graphics. In FAQ from AMD they say to use "Switchable graphics option", but in my case that option does not show. Things are better now, after updating Windows 10 to actual new version 2020, as Igor suggested. But situation is not yet 100% perfect as some months ago. Thank you for your help. Regards, Jose
  6. Hi Igor, Thank you so much, I updated W10 to v2004 (upgrade 9252.exe) as you advised. I was using v1809. Things are better now, but not yet 100% perfect as in old days. Using Task Manager while PTE is running, I can now see that INTEL is almost constant around 16%, while AMD is working from 35 to 43%. Before the update, INTEL and AMD were working both around 17% (as I can remember). Why is this? I should like to know an explanation. As I said, things are not yet perfect. In fact, sometimes video does not run smooth, mainly when PTE changes from one video clip to the next one (in
  7. AMD drivers 100% updated. Is it possible that hardware acceleration is not working?
  8. Problem is my graphics card is AMD, not Nvidia.
  9. Hi Igor, I think I have a real problem. I already tried all you said and followed the article, but situation is same. I can not remember when problem started, either when I installed W10, or later with some Windows update. Another possibility is my AMD is damaged. Some other idea?
  10. I just saw in Troubleshooting forum the topic"Poor performance under Win10 (v1803) on laptops with dual NVIDIA graphics" dated 2018/19, and I think my actual problem with my laptop with INTEL and AMD graphics is of the same kind, I mean, a very poor video performance running PTE projects. My actual Windows 10 Pro, version 1809, was installed May 2019 over Windows 7. Not a clean installation. Despite today INTEL and AMD drivers are 100% updated, I think I started to have my video performance problems only some months ago. Running PTE AV Studio 10 PRO v10.0.11. Is there some way to solve t
  11. My laptop is from 2013 and has 2 graphics cards: INTEL HD Graphics 4600 and AMD RADEON HD8970M (4GB). Since sometime ago, I think AMD is not working well and INTEL is not enough to run my PTE projects, so videos do not run smooth. I think that some years ago, I could force PTE to work using AMD. Am I wrong? I should like to be sure that PTE is only using the AMD, not the INTEL. Some ideas on this? Thanks. Jose
  12. Hi wideangle, Zip for 18GB? Sometimes opening with 7zip, it does not extract everytrhing. Regards, Jose
  13. What could we expect from a movie (part 1 from 3 parts!) 30 minutes long, 145 clips, 100MB each, 75Mbps bitrate? Of course, it is a heavy project! My question is: why "not responding", despite it saves the template)? Is 18GB too much for PTE? I am saving periodicaly as template as an insurance against some computer crash, I save "as usual" everyday.
  14. Igor, PTE AV STUDIO PRO 10.0.5 I am editing a big movie, 30 minutes, some 145 slides, all movie clips MP4 1920x1080 around 100MB each, 75Mbps bitrate. When I save template it takes more than 10 minutes but it really saves. Problem (?) is during these 10 minutes PTE says "Not responding". I know that all project is really very heavy, but do you think that this "Not responding" is normal? Saved template is 18,3GB. By the way: I confirm that PTE is my favourite to edit movies! Thanks, Jose
  15. May be this option is still available, I have no idea. But I must say that long time ago I tried it and DVD produced quality was very, very poor. Anyhow, I only burn Bluray discs.
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