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  1. Igor, OK, will do thanks for the response. Brad
  2. I saw that Barry had reported a problem with the Styles and Themes button not working and it said that it was fixed. I had the same problem over the weekend and think that I tracked down the issue, so wanted to document it. 1. My documents directory is on OneDrive and over the weekend, I wasn't connected to the Internet. 2. I got on the Internet on my cellphone and found the referenced issue. It had said to zip up the Styles and Transitions directory in my documents directory. 3. When I attempted to do this, WinZip told me that the cloud provider wasn't available and wouldn't
  3. +1 Vote for blend modes. Overlaying video effects on top of layers and blending would be awesome and provide a great ability to add some amazing effects.
  4. Barry, Great video, I really enjoyed it. Loved the photography, something I might have to look into when I retire! Brad
  5. Thanks for the quick response Barry! That's absolutely one way to do it (and that's how I've been doing it), but requires more clicks. I'm all about less work on my fingers. In my mind it would be more efficient to grab a couple of slides from file list on the main screen and then ctrl drag them to the slide list which would combine them into one slide immediately. From that point you could open the Objects and Animation Screen and get to work (vice having to perform more actions). While the current method absolutely works, just thinking of a way to be more efficient.
  6. Would it be possible to add a cancel button to the Objects and Animation screen? I know that there is an option to "Undo All Changes" in the tools menu, but it would be a bit more convenient to just click one button vice pulling up a menu and then clicking close. Thanks, Brad
  7. Recommend adding a method to use multiple images to create a baseline slide. For example, click multiple images in the file list and ctrl drag them to the slide list which will combine the images in one slide (providing multiple layers) and/or on slide list select multiple slides, right click and combine from there into one slide.
  8. Would be very convenient to be able to update a slide style without having to create it again. I have to remember the exact title and description when creating it again (I can copy one but have to remember the other). Also, allowing updates would allow us to edit the info in the style in the event of a typo or such. Thanks, Brad
  9. Thanks John, yeah the focus change was new for me in the beginning. Actually happened by accident when I was playing around and thought....hmm that looks interesting. Brad
  10. Thanks Gary, appreciate the comment. Brad
  11. Barry, Very nice show, I really enjoyed it. Beautiful images! Brad
  12. This is my first PTE slideshow. Was a bit worried about moving from Proshow, but I'm really liking PTE! Thanks, Brad
  13. When I apply a style to multiple slides that are not together in a timeline, it shifts the slides to be next to each other. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Thanks, Brad
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