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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. For the last couple of days, I am unable to watch videos on YouTube on Google Chrome. Youtube keeps freezing and I have no idea why, and it has never happened before. Does anyone know why this happens and how can I fix it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. I've produced a slideshow where I manually move from one image to the next (to allow for ad hoc commentary) and then an AV show commences. However, both in preview and as an Exe file as soon as the AV show starts it freezes. I have tried publishing it as a HD MP4 but then it loses the ability to move manually from image to the next and shows it as one continuous AV Show with auto transitions thereby losing all control. Help would be much appreciated.
  3. I've added a number of video clips with audio. When I play the sequence in the normal view it plays fine but when I either play full screen or after I have saved it as either a low or high res file it stops and always at the same points. it does the same even without the audio track added. I'm using version 9.0.10
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