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I don’t know if there would be any support for the following suggestions to be implemented at some stage?

I find the following annoying when working in the slide list view and changing the order of slides. I occasionally drag the border to enlarge the slides to get a better view of one of two adjacent slides but even though a slide is selected it disappears from view and I have to drag it back into view. It would be great if the selected slide would stay in view, ideally in the centre of the list view. I hope I have made this clear.

Another similar improvement would be if PTE could be made what I believe is called “sticky”, like Lightroom. I know that when opening PTE it opens the last used sequence but personally it would be so much more convenient if it opened at the point at which it was closed instead of the beginning each time. I tend to work on sequences over a period of days if not weeks for short spells at a time, sometimes closing and opening several times a day. Being “sticky” would be much less frustrating.

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