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I am thinking about buying a X-Rite ColorChecker on sale until December 31, 2020. and how I might use it with various software. I know some video editors use vector scopes and other graphs to show levels.

Ideally you would white balance in your camera but I was wondering if a simpler solution might work. I don't think this would require a calibrated monitor if you are matching between a reference and a colorchecker in a photo or video.

Macbeth ColorChecker

I created a colorchecker based on the sRGB values and attached it to this post. I also created a style and output to YouTube. 
In my limited testing it was easier to make corrections using one of the 3 RGB coloration options (click on color to change) instead of Hue adjustments.
Add pop up Macbeth Checker moveable window option to Color Correction.
Color Correction, Levels, should have eyedropper to select luminance values from media.
Color Correction, Levels, Add a white balance option with eyedropper to select 18% gray area.

Yes, I know I'm spelling color wrong.:)








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