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  1. Sometimes I renew the installation of PTE on my computer. But than I have lost all the styles which I added in the past period. Is there a way you can export/save all the styles ito a directory and than reinstall these styles after you have done a new install of PTE?
  2. Thank you very much Lin, just what I needed. Regards, Han
  3. I have imported a slide style in PTE9. This slide style made automatically a new category. Now I want to move this slide style to another already existing category. Is this possible?
  4. Very beautifull pictures. Who plays the melody "Summertime"?
  5. On the CES 2014 almost all the famous TV-factories offer Ultra HD TV (3840x2160). It's the future they say. I ask myself now if it's advisable to consider to make the PTE presentations also in 3840x2160. They are than by the way of speaking aleady future-proof. Or is this a silly thought?
  6. Thanks a lot Barry, your response is very informative and instructive for me. I surely will take your suggestions in account. Thansk again.
  7. Hello Berry, I really appreciate your comment. Like Dave and other posters already suggested and in fact you endorse to, is that for full quality presentations you must use an exe file or an MPEG4 file. In the meantime I am more convinced of this point of view. Still there are people who have no USB connection on the TV or a streamer, and so for these people the DVD-video is still the most appropiate. I would very much like to use your offer of sending you a DVD with the (flickering) presentation so that you can analyze and comment. So I will send you a Video DVD and hope to receice some fee
  8. Hello,

    I am very pleased that I became a member of this Forum.

    In the past I used PSP, but read many good things about PTE. So I decided to migrate to PTE and at this time I am still learning (bought all the learning DVD's from Beckham Digital; very good stuff).

    Greetings, LaPiovra

  9. Dave, I hope you really don't think I post something that isn't save. I have AVG Internet security installed, scanned the file I posted and nothing came out. I really apoligize for the inconvenience, but I can assure you that in no way I should deliberately post something that isn't save.
  10. As asked by Dave I post a small project with tree slides, which all show the flickering effect, especially when zooming/panning (played from a normal DVD video or ISO) All slides are in format 1920x1080. Project2_Oct25-2013_18-18-43.zip
  11. Thanks Ken, a very interesting article.
  12. Yes, anti-flicker is enabled, kbs is set to 7000 (default)and the video type is set to progressive. When I play the ISO the flickerin effect is just the same. I really do not think it is a interlace problem, because the flickering is just visible on the high-contrast spots, and especially when the image zooms in or out. However, thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.
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