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  1. Hi Igor I'm using a Mac and am delighted with how P2E is working on it. However, I would like to send a completed presentation to another Mac user who is thinking about buying the software and getting started with creating AVs. I don't want to send her a Zip folder - as the "workings" may be a little daunting to a potential new user! I just want to send her the final show. On the PC (when I was last using this software about 10 years ago) you could just "Publish" a show and the end result could be sent to whoever wanted to see it. I see you can still do this from a Mac by choosi
  2. First of all - many thanks to Igor and his team for developing this software for Mac users! So glad you did! I've been using the Beta version for about a month, reworking a couple of AVs I produced about 10 years ago on a PC. I'm really a beginner all over again! However, I cannot find out to Publish a show to send to another potential Mac user, showing interest in using P2E. There seems to be an option to create a P2E presentation to a PC user - but not to another Mac user. The MP4 video option isn't playing properly for me (no sound) - and I don't want to send a Zip folder
  3. I am - and have been - a Mac user for a dozen years. In that time, I have longed for P2Exe to be available on this platform. I've just been told testers are being sought to help develop the Beta version? Is it too late for me to be included?I use this software on a very one PC - but so much can't be done on that platform.
  4. I've waited for ten years for P2Exe software to be available for Mac computers. Has that happy day arrived yet? If so - please let me know how to download it?
  5. For nearly a week I’ve been trying to upgrade from P2E 8 to 9. Each time, my payment is being blocked. I’ve tried paying with PayPal, linked to my Master Card Credit card. When Customer Service advised I tried a different method of paying, I used my Visa Debit Card, with a different Bank. Still refused. My banks both confirmed my request, for a mere £30 to be paid, was OK’d and the money placed in a holding account - but has not been requested. PayPro is the link between Wnsoft and the banks, apparently. I was given their 0800 phone number, so I contacted them to see if
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