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  1. I had selected a sound file from Eric Matyas. On placing on the timeline the waveform is barely visible unless I amplify it. I will post with the specific file once I am back on my desktop. I thought I detected a similar amplitude reduction witn my own MP3s but I will check again. thanks, Ian
  2. I use Adobe Photoshop cc as my external editor. In PTE I right click on an image and Photoshop opens. I complete the edit and in Photoshop select save. I can return to PTE and see the edited image. Photoshop remains open. Ian
  3. Hi Jill, Thanks for the very interesting options. This AV is about the timeline of my granddaughter from birth and using four AV MP4s. So file date order is important as otherwise I envisage viewers noticing. Ian
  4. I use an external amplifier that is calibrated for -27db on switch on. All my audio files play at an exceptable level and show waveforms up to -6db in audio editors. However in PTE AV Studio Pro all my audio files open with the waveform shown as only 1/3 the available graphic height. The sound therefore plays too quietly and I have to boost the level. Files are MP3, flac and ogg Why would this be? Ian
  5. I'm making an AV that has a mix of vertical and horizontal images. The vertical ones are too tightly in-camera cropped to crop as horizontal. All the images are in date order so its not possible to group per aspect ratio. What is the best way to put such a collection together? I am exporting 1920x1080. As a newbie to AV, I'm thinking that I could place two verticals side by side (but not sure of the best way to do that), or use a background just for the verticals to avoid blank sides. All suggestions welcomed! Ian
  6. Gary, Wow! 20GB was that you that made "Parasite" Thanks for the tip
  7. Thanks for the link to grosfichers. I'm also trying to use my NAS to allow those with access rights to preview or/and download MP4. Ian
  8. I made sure that the cursor was right at the left before the insertion. Ian
  9. ......and I tried it and it worked just fine. Tried it as before and again the first slide was overlapped. Surely that is not by design? Ian
  10. What you have not told us is the resolution and quality setting of the original JPG images you gave to PTE? Even if you did crop the jpg to 1920x1080, if you used too much compression when saving them then when the video is displayed on a 4K TV (note, not twice the resolution but 4 times the resolution) the viewed quality will be much worse. Ian
  11. I use a free account at box.com for uploading audio and images and these can be previewed by those to whom I email a link. I thought I would be able to upload my PTE AV Studio MP4 files and that I could similarly give links to others. Not so it seems, as my account does not allow anyone to preview or download a MP4 or any video file. Would anyone else using box.com confirm if my understanding is correct? Ian
  12. Yes, I highlighted the first slide then selected insert a blank slide. It definately did not look correctly inserted and because it "deleted" or was placed on top I decided to remove it. On doing this the first slide reappeared.. Ian
  13. Dave, When I did this I saw a very narrow blank slide at the extreme left but no original first slide. When I deleted the blank slide then retried, every slide thumbnail on the timeline had been stretched (!) which looked very strange. I closed the file before it auto saved. It reverted okay when reopened. To solve this I inserted a blank slide at the end of the slide list and added the credit there. I'll try to insert at the front on my next video. For info, I used 16 slides with Ken Burns effects. This was intended for possible website use by another, so I exported my images from Lightroom as JPG 3840x2560 and 80% quality. The published MP4 file was 506MB and 2'25". Ian
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