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  1. Wideangle Thanks for that. So when I get the new Mac version I would be able to copy from PC via USB flash drive to Mac correct Lowell
  2. Hi Lin and Wideangle I have purchased PTEavStudio10 Pro. Somehow I ended up-finding my show (,pte) It had ended uo in the "Recovered project file" I looked for it using (*.pte) and I thought I found it. But I had Thumbnails images in the File List but no slides in the Slide List. Seems easy to find the mp4 show but not the PTE extension show. Right before I published I did a (save as) and named it Project1 Germany 2017 Maybe the initial name I used when I first did File New and gave it a name was not the Project1 Germany 2017 ?? And should I always do the Zippier? Lowell
  3. Hello all, Its me again I'm doing well on creating and publishing my shows. and C:\users\Lowell\Desktop produces the mp4 file of my show. And I have been able to find the ,pte file of my show. This file list has my reproduced thumbnails but there is no slides appearing in the Slide List where I had made transitions, etc and no audio in the waveform area. When I search *.pte I see my show with the .pte extension Clicking on that just brings up the original File List So does that indicate that to make more update to the show like adding addition slides etc I need to begin a new show? Lowell
  4. Hi Lin, This was so kind of you to take the time to do this. This has been a big help. For some reason I believed that everyone was setting up their files before they even added the slides to the Slide List. So its ok to bring your images files into the file list (thumbnails, music) and drag them into the Slide List. Do the transitions and all the things that make the show etc. saving as you go. And when you think it is complete Then you save as by going to the file in the upper left give it a name xxxxxxxxx.pte Back to the top of page to PC and to C drive on my computer etc Im going to make a simple show and try it out Thanks again Lowell
  5. Hi Lin This is getting complicated My ,pte file ended up in the BLUEBIRD AVIARY! better known as the recovered project file I guess This is terrible, I spent hours looking for files and I stumble into that, wow! There are 9 project1 files with different names some are zippering. There are 19 files with small kb's 1 mp4 file and at the bottom is my missing .pte file (Walking the Able Tasman Track Dec 2017 I'm very Leary about clicking on for fear it will blow up and I'll never find it again. Why in the dickens would there be a file. (C:\users\Lowell\appdata\local\picturestoexe\versions\10,0\recoveredprojects) Has ANYONE else ever had this dilemma? Iv'e got to overcome this. ProShow never was a problem for me, Do I save to a specific file or to a folder. Do I keep the name project or name it whatever. What I think I did on the Able Tasman file is before publishing I did a "Save File as" Named it Wallking the Able Tasman Track Dec 2017,mp4 rendered it. was able to send it to a USB Thumbdrive It played nicely in my 65" TV. But of course my .pte file headed for the aviary. That file is Full of all my dead bodies, I'm embarrassed by this and I'm a retired mechanical engineer. Just remember. "I can hear you laughing" Lowell
  6. I created a relatively simple show rendered it to a MP4 played it. I want to make some additions to it. I cannot find it to change it Do I start over? I forgot to do a zip file. I have tried *.pte nothing, . I didn't think I could make a show and not have a remnant show. I do have a shortcut link but that only plays the movie Lowell
  7. George I forgot to mention. I'm doing this large show on a evaluation copy and it is NOT responding. Lowell
  8. Hi George, Thanks for your message. Seems my big problem now is that when I try to open PTE the screen grays out And when I go control alt delete And then try to go back into the project, It goes gray again Is my show to large? Sometimes I get the spinning blue circle and its ongoing. Any cure for this? Lowell
  9. Hi Robert Thanks for sharing. I love this forum. Everyone is so kind to. help others. Being a Mac person, I'm not fond of windows. I have opened the File new screen and named it. Then finding my images from a Usb thumb drive I have saved them to the new file I just created. I have done this with my music as well. After I complete the show I Publish it, taking notice of where it will exist before I click on Lately that has been C:\users\Lowell\appdata\local\picturestoexe\versions\10\recoveredprojects I understand that thesis not the correct direction. So I end up changing it to end up in the Desktop folder Where am I going wrong? Seems as if I am in a Cul-de-sac Thanks Lowell
  10. Great images Lin Really like the "Valley of the 10 peaks Lowell
  11. Aleina My images and music are on my Western Digital Elements 3 tb external hdd It is connected to my PC laptop via USB port. I will always have drive F. That is not why I could not find my show. Lowell
  12. Hi Barry, I can put my usb cruiser back into my PC. Find the file and it opens in the file list. plays on the minelayer, but only the first slide in the Slide List. If I could see see all the slides I might have the ability to revise some. The show I made and played was a MP4. When I tried to reproduce the file C:\users\lowell\appdata\local\pictoexe\version\10\recoveredprojects\ it did not show up. But I sure had a lot of stuff in there. Is there another way to access that file "recoveredprojects"? Lowell Shows what happens when you let a Mac guy have his paws on a windows 10 PC ouch
  13. Hi Lin I'm back from Phoenix. I am giving up trying to find that show. Have spent way to much unproductive time on it I'm going to start new, which will add to my learning experience. I have the images and the videos. I will add the music, separate audio from video, Delete audio clip etc I müst have seen embed on some other software. In ProShow Gold it was always render. sorry for misspeaking. Here's a question: When my images are in the File List (thumbnails) I have been dragging them into the Slide List. Also I have found my audio file in my File Tree, and drag it into the Slide List. That seems to work fine except I get in trouble when I go back to make changes after rendering to the MP4 file.I know that I have seen or read, that I need to make a new file by clicking on "File" and name it. Also make a new (Folder) in the file tree (under what C:? or other?) Copy images, audio, etc into that folder . So how does this folder correlate with the new file I just named? I this why I am fowling up my show? The shows that have made, seem to end up all over in different files in the slide tree. Thanks for your thoughts Lowell in Arizona
  14. Thanks Lin, I'll have to take this on tomorrow. Have a early get up 5am for an appointment in Phoenix tomorrow. I so appreciate your help. I love the software just not windows. My 27" retina is asking me everyday " when's the program coming" I will be home tomorrow afternoon. I may not be so good on PET yet. But I'm tenacious. God bless Lowell
  15. Lin No luck there. I thought Publish. Go HD or AVI st the video to 1920 x 1080 hit OK. wait for it to encode I think that's render in PSG land. 15-20 min later Find it copy it to mu USB Device and play it in my Smart HDTV What am I missing.? Lowell BTW I'm from Cedaredge CO. Wintering in Yuma AZ
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