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  1. My PTE 8 doesn't see font Adobe Garamond Pro Bold. All other progams (PS, Word etc.) find it. Any solution, tip why and what to do? Trek
  2. Terms and conditions for: International Wildlife Audio Visual Competition [FRAGMENTS!!!] Visions of Nature 2013 1. The competition is organised by the board of Polish Wildlife Photographers’ Union (ZPFP) in cooperation with Kampinos National Park. 2. The competition seeks to promote wildlife photography. 3. The subject of the competition are audio visual presentations showing wildlife. Entries concerning ecology in the context of wildlife will also be allowed (relations between man and nature, problems, examples of devastation and protection). Entries showing manmade objects and traces of human activity (outside of the subject of ecology) will not be accepted. The same concerns entries containing images captured in zoos, botanical gardens, farms, as well as photographs of domesticated or trained animals. 4. The term „audio visual presentation” means presentations in which sound and images are in close connection with each other. Images included in the presentations should interpenetrate each other. The following transitions and effects are allowed: panning, zooming, lightening, darkening, fading in/out, flashing, cutting, rotating, stop motion sequences. Entries should have the form of standalone exe files. 5. The competition is open for anyone aged 18 or above. 6. Entries should be sent by mail to: Kampinoski Park Narodowy, ul. Tetmajera 38, 05-080 Izabelin, Poland with „Wizje Natury 2013″ postscript, or uploaded via ftp (ftp://ftp.zpfp.pl user: wizjenatury.zpfp , password: NatureWas1st). The deadline for submitting entries is October 31, 2013. ... ------- ALL THE RULES and competition entry card can be found here: http://zpfp.pl/wizjenatury/regulamin/
  3. Helo! I have tried to make one DVD with both: a ) slide shows made in PTE; b ) DV AVI video movies. But the final converting to MPEG2 ends with the message: "Can't extract frame from file:...". It doesn't burn DVD. It seems the problem appears with movies longer than about 9:20. You can't see preview of the longer part and also you cannot choose the frame of the chapter from the part after 9:20. I have checked Help and FAQ and I do not see any information about the limits for AVI video. So what is the problem?
  4. Instruction: "Fixed size of slide (in pixels) is the option, which doesn't allow the picture to change in size if the screen is larger than the picture itself. In this case, the black lines which color you may change, appear. If the option is unchecked, the picture can be zoomed." In 5.5 it works but in 5.6 I cannot keep the oryginal size of smaller pictures. Do not I see something or is it a mistake of this version? irek
  5. An open competition of short nature photography audiovisual presentations will be a very crucial and unique element of the festival "Visions of Nature 2006" organized by Polish Nature Photographers' Union. It is held in the following categories: - Nature of Poland - Nature of the world. The main purpose of the competition is to present the widest spectrum of photographic look on natural phenomena. We accept digital and traditional slide shows. Closing date for the entries: 6 November 2006. Results and public presentations: ZPFP festival "Visions of Nature 2006" More info, rules and entry forms: zpfp.pl/kronika/fest-2006WN/en-index.htm --- Irek Graff ZPFP Poland
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