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  1. Is there any solution to the problem of getting very jerky music in shows recorded on video builder? Shows that play smoothly on computer go totally off on TV. I am one of the old fashioned types who likes to use DVDs.
  2. For us non-smarties, are any of these tutorials available in PDF and, if so, where? Nix Wadden
  3. Thanks. Tried that with 6 shows only but got the same runtime error result. Did however successfully burn the same set from ISO using another burn software.
  4. Hi Igor Another bubble has burst. After successfully burning a few PTE shows on DVD using PTE 5.7 beta 6, I tried burning a 10 show set today, and got the same old result: Run time error. abnormal program termination. And Operation failure. Error 3. What's going on? Nix
  5. Hi Igor Finally, something is working. Downloading of the 5.7 Beta version has done the trick, as we have just successfully burned two short shows on a DVD-RW. Before doing so, we were able to burn a show on DVD using imgburn software from a PTE ISO file, showing that there was no problem with our hardware. Guess there has to be something not quite right with version 5.5, and that was not corrected by downloading 5.6. But for us, all's well that ends well, so thanks for your help, and that of Lin and others who have contributed to this discussion. And my thanks especially to my wife Madeline who has borne the burden of downloading and trying to figure out how all of this works. Best regards Nix Wadden
  6. Thanks. Your earlier reply did seem to go astray somewhere. Thanks to a tip from Jim Robertson, we have downloaded version 5.64 - complete with Video Builder which works fine until disc burning time, and again we got the same result. The PTE message - "Operation failed. Failed connection with burner.exe" Can't say if we got the same exact message before. And it was followed by the usual Runtime error message. So we're back where we started, unable to burn to a DVD. Meanwhile, it's been several days since asking for help from the support centre, but still have not heard anything from it despite its promise to respond wthin 24 hours. Is this normal? Having tried a few things that did not make any difference, it looks like this is a software problem, and what else can be done to try to fix it? For example, could there be a corrupted file in 5.5 which has carried over into the newer version? Could do with some good news! Regards Nix
  7. Maybe I can resolve my problem with Video Builder by upgrading from PTE 5.5 to 5.6, so I would like to do this. However, I cannot seem to find on the WnSoft.com web site an obvious way to do so without having to pay in full once again. What am I missing? Help, please. Nix Wadden
  8. Hi Lin Want to take you up on suggestion tp upgrade to PTE 5.64, but don't really know how to do this correctly. The WnSofgt.com site seems to offer either a trial version or a download that calls for payment as a new customer. Have already paid twice for want of knowing how to avoid this. Cheers Nix
  9. Hi again Lin I have just burned a PTE show on a CD using the same burner and it worked just fine, so this may not be a burner problem. Burning was done using Nero software. One thing that I have not tried is to re-install the PTE 5.5 software to see if that could make a difference. Really reluctant to do so unless absolutely necessary, because re-installation of an older version of PTE a few years ago was a bit of a nightmare. Meanwhile, I have filed a bug report on all this with the PTE support centre, and am told we could get a response within 24 hours. Thanks for your help. Nix Wadden
  10. Hi Lin Thanks for that. I meant of course 2.9 Gigabytes. It seems unlikely that my DVD burner is burnt out already, since it was installed less than two years ago, and I have probably burned no more than 50 DVDs and about the same number of CDs. Of course, anything is possible, but could it be that there is some other explanation?
  11. Yes, on the C drive. Surely that is enough free space?
  12. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one having trouble burning a DVD using PTE's Video Builder. Unlike my fellow photo club member, Ed, my problem is on a desktop. I do hope someone out there can point to a solution for me. I have been using PTE 5.0 Deluxe software, and its Video Builder feature to burn DVDs, for a year or so, and it ran like a charm until this week. Trouble came when I got together a set of 10 shows, totalling 50 minutes and 2.9 MBs, and started to burn them on to a DVD-R, the same kind of disc I have been using. Then I got the unwelcome message : "The application requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Contact the application's support team." There was also a notification: "Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library - Runtime Error. Abnormal Program Termination. Error 3" First question - is there such a thing as the application's support team, and if so how do I contact them? Three or four new disc burning attempts, varying the recording time and the few project option variables that might have mattered, only produced the same result. All the program options in Video Builder were set back to default. But nothing changed. Thinking it could be the large number of shows, I experimented with only two shows, and resorted to using DVD-RWs, where the recording speed was really low, but nothing worked. We are running Windows XP with 256 MB video card and have 149 GB of free space. Shutting it down, rebooting, running check disc, and taking it back to a restore point two weeks previous, had no effect. We're building up a nice stack of silvery coasters which are practically useless because they do not absorb water. The Video builder DVD process, when it works, is just what I need, so please, someone, how do I fix it? Nix Wadden
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