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  1. Igor Tested the beta version and it has fixed the problem. Thanks. When will 10.5.5 be released as a stable release ? How safe is it to use this current beta fulltime ? Darryll
  2. Igor, I will try the beta version and let you know my progress. Darryll
  3. Hi Jill I think the full name for the 'wait for ...' option is 'wait for a key press to show next slide'. My need is to not got to the next slide but a slide that maybe 5-10 slides ahead, that's why I use the loop function. If you can duplicate this functionality with the 'wait for ...' option, please let me know. I am always open to new functionality. Darryll
  4. Hi Jill As I pointed out in my original post, slide names were all plain text so using IMG_6319 (for the example project only) has no relevance (as the original problem project was using 'Timeline2' and 'Timeline3'). What I believe you are seeing is a correction of the original problem by changing the slide name. My original issue is a problem that only occurs with the initial adding of a new slide then linking. Why am I looping the slide ? Because I have several links/buttons on the master/menu slide that redirect to various slides based on user choice. My menu/master project/program is not linear as are slideshows but I have attempted to use PTE in a more creative way. However, having said that, I am sure there are more than one way to achieve a similar result. Darryll
  5. Igor Sample project attached. This is a new project, added slides, set 'Loop This Slide' for last two slides, added button icon/image to MapPage then set 'Action on mouse-click' to 'Go to slide with name' and select slide IMG_6319. Run project which will move to MapPage and loop. Click on buttom icon to move to slide IMG_6319 and project will jump to first slide and run again. Other notes: adding additional slides and button links will cause same problem looking at the .pte file shows that [slide3] entry is blank (empty) - this is the target slide for the 'Go to named slide' option using a slide name as plain text (eg. TimeLine) rather than the IMG_ format causes the same result Darryll GoToExample_Oct7-2021_10-14-11.zip
  6. Hi Igor I will post a simple sample project in the next 24 hours. Darryll
  7. Hi Denis No slide name change, just as originally created. Darryll
  8. Hi wideangle, Slide names are all clean, no weird characters eg. TimeLineBase2, MenuTitle1. Also after the loss of value for [slideX], manually entering the slide name (as my examples) fixes the project navigation issues. Darryll
  9. Hi Jill, Proberly is fixed - this is several slides all with unique names so I do not think this is the same. Plus in testing I have targeted various slides (and names) with the same effect. I did locate a forum post that touched on an issue if the file name was 'Blank' but this is a different situation. Its not hard to reproduce the error, I have done it with several differently named files and each time after using ' go to slide with name', the .pte [slideX] is made equal to blank (no name) causing navigation issues.
  10. I have recently upgraded to v10.5 from (7,8,9) and have struck a bug when using the mouse-click - go to slide with name function. I have a slideshow selection program first started way back, which I keep adding buttons/links as projects are completed. In v10.5 I added a new page to this menu program then used the 'go to slide with name' function to access the new page. When testing, this seemed to break the link to the new page and skipped either to the project start or a random slide. After further testing and hair-pulling, I checked the .pte project file in a text editor and, after much searching, found that the '[slideX] =' was loosing the name of the slide (it was blank) in some cases. By adding the slide name manually, everything fell back into place and worked. As a secondary effect, when I struck this problem the program added all of my project graphic files to the end of the slide timeline ?? I was able to remove these seemingly without any impact on the project. I created a new project with only 5 slides, set button links and 'looped' selected slides to test thie issue (avoiding any problems caused by my earlier version menu program), and produced exactly the same result using the 'go to slide with name' option. After checking the forum, I found the same or similar issue back in 2017. Is this a current know issue ? Is it going to be addressed ? Is there a workaround ? As I modify and add to my menu program/exe all the time, this is a major issue for me. Darryll
  11. Thanks Denis, however this means another program install and program path problems which impacts portability of what we are producing. Darryll
  12. Thanks Igor. First we have put a lot of work into our menu (controller) program and associated exe files so we will have to stick with that (or write a non PTE program to act as a controller for mp4 not exe files). Just to clarify, we only have one video file per slide with some static graphics and after some testing, are converting our clips to 1920 x 1080 30 frames per second before using in PTE. This has improved playback but not up to the standard I am used to from PTE. I will look for the beta of v10 later this year but meanwhile at least we are able to edit / preview our projects to keep moving along. Darryll
  13. Thanks for the comment. In response to your suggestions : I have only upgraded to PTE 9 3 days ago and 1803 has been installed prior to this so I cannot say. I have tried with PTE 8 also and a similar but not so drastic shudder/pause is still there (v8 still using 1803 of course). Card is Nvidia GTX 960 with 4 GB onboard memory. I found a Nvidia driver released a few days ago and have installed but the issue is still there. Unfortunately I cannot revert from 1803 as we need this for other software development on this system. Specs say v9 can handle 4K video, is this really the case ? However I have tried with 4K video rendered as HD 30 or 60 frames per second (mp4) then imported into PTE and although better than 4K native, still has issues. I am using converted copies of the video in the project. I am still getting two issues - regular slowdown, pause then catch up with any video causing jittering and real slow playback such as showing one frame as a 'still', hold for 2-3 seconds then show another 'still' frame. At least with the first issue I can preview my project to get it laid out while waiting for a solution to the jittering problem (over 6.7 GB of videos to edit). Darryll
  14. Question for Igor: Does this mean that I cannot use (for all intents and purposes) video (mp4 or converted) in PTE 9 on Windows 10 (1803) desktop for either preview or final exe ? My issues are these : - I have just purchased an upgrade to version 9 and I am using a lot of video files as well as stills and now have this issue where I cannot produce what I want or even use PTE for preview of my projects. - All of my current projects (over 120) are linked and accessed in a extensive menu program I have built in PTE and use to run all my projects/albums and now any new projects/albums will not work as required with my menu program. I have tried the following : - Used both converted and mp4 files, makes no difference - tried PTE 8 but same issue however, v8 produces just jittery video, v9 is far worst showing only one video frame every 2-3 seconds and is completely unuseable - making HD project or mp4 file works but cannot use this file with my menu program as I cannot cause it to return after playing the video You appear to be aware of the issue by your comment and it seems like we will have to pay again to get this issue fixed and PTE working with Windows 10. Cannot this be addressed with an upgrade to version 9 ? I have looked on the forums and I am amazed that this issue has not been raised more as there are a lot of Windows 10 system out there. Hope you can provide a solution.
  15. Hi Nobeefstu, Thanks for your response. No the file I was sent was not as you describe but was completely scrambled and had been saved as you describe. The instructions were followed with regards to installing. Believe me, I tried all ways of appling the file. However I have received a new file today (which is completely readable as text) and I have applied this to activate the software. thanks again, Darryll
  16. I have just purchased PicturesToExe and have received a license file by email (PTEkey.txt) however this file appears to be corrupted or incorrect. When viewed in Notepad it contains undecypherable characters, when selected to activate PicturesToExe it gives the following error 'File does not contain a license key for PicturestoExe or it contains a key for another product of Wnsoft'. I have logged a support request, I have sent an email to orders and have waited 24 hours for a response but have received nothing. Can anyone provide some assistance with getting this fixed so I can use the software I paid for ? thanks, Darryll
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