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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everybody, Spent a day travelling from Newport , Oregon to San Francisco by US101. Before I was sure California has the most beautiful coastline here. Now I'm highly doubt... Here's the link: https://youtu.be/xm220BiQp5o
  2. Another memories flashback: https://youtu.be/CTq76z_6Zc0
  3. I am (was) a ProShow Gold user for many years. I did stop upgrading sometime ago because of the cost and most of the new things I just didn't need. Also I am a dedicated Mac person (27" Retina Imac) When I upgraded a few years ago I lost my bootcamp windows7. I made quite an attempt to re-create that, without success. So that brings me to the present. Having previewed a number of slide show softwares for Mac. Of which were quite simple or above my pay grade. When I found that PTE was going MAC I felt "this is the one" I can hardly wait for the Mac version to come out. In the meantime I'm going to buy PTE for Windows to learn as much as I can. Here is a question I have for the forum: What my slide shows consist of are almost all travel shows. We have done extensive European travel. over the last 30 years Spending a lot of time in a lot of western and eastern Europe as well as Israel. So I have quite a multitude of images and video to draw from. So when I compare the difference in the two options, I wonder if I would use the extras that come with the pro version? Your advice is so welcome Thanks LRO
  4. Does anybody know if there are slideshows relevant to the south American state of Colombia?
  5. I have created a slideshow on my desktop but now I want to present it to my photography club using my laptop. I have downloaded and activated my P2E on my laptop but not sure what to do next.please can anybody help me.
  6. Hi Guys, I have just got Pictures to exe so I am very new to the whole thing. I want to do a presentation but I want to control the slideshow with a click of the mouse. I.e click left for the next slide and so on. Can I anybody help?
  7. I installed P2E 8 Deluxe yesterday and made my first slideshow. I followed Yatchsmans basic videos 1-7 on You Tube and found them very informative, particularly the settings. I set my editor to be Adobe Lightroom but when I preview my slideshow, Lightroom opens up immediately. I have now removed Adobe Lightroom from the Settings, Preferences, Set Graphical Editor, but it still opens up on previewing the slideshow even though I have closed and restarted P2E. Can anyone help with this problem?
  8. I have posted a slideshow of images on Slideshowclub from Venice taken last year. I hope you enjoy them if you decide to watch. Snapcam
  9. I have uploaded a slideshow of images to Slideshow Club that I have taken over the years around Ireland mostly in Northern Ireland. I greatly admire the work of 'Lakelandlass' on this forum and this was composed a while ago to let her see some of Ireland but I never got around to posting it. Until now. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do. Snapcam
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