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Can I link a spreadsheet to picture to exe to generate templates that I can use to automatically fill with title, author name, club name?

I wish to add text to all of the slides that I put into a show (AV of other peoples slides for a photographic exhibition) I have looked at the templates but that solution does not work as it looks at information from the image filename, which in my case is very long and generated by other software that is used for judging the images eg title of exhibition/section/image/number.

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Sorry, it's not possible to read a spreadsheet with PTE, nor with any other presentation slideshow software with which I'm familiar.

You have copious template ability to read information from both the EXIF header and especially from the IPTC metadata. If you go to Project Options, Comments Tab and look below you will find an underlined blue text which says insert template. Click on this then on IPTC info and you will see the screen below which shows you what can be read from the IPTC metadata. Of course the information must have been placed into the metadata by the photographer....

Best regards,



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Guest Yachtsman1

Hi Idofout

Casting my mind back at least 10 years, what you are looking for sounds like what Powerpoint was used for. I seem to remember seeing some presentations along the same lines.


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